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  • Published on March 20, 2024
  • In Culture

DETOUR Editor Ron Stodghill interviews Maximum Impact CEO Jay Cameron on the origins and progress of his goal to bring African Americans to Africa and African diaspora locations.

It takes far more than consuming mainstream media to understand the depth and breadth of the African diaspora. Jay Cameron aims to bring people to the real and present Africa to bridge the gap between fiction and reality with his travel company Maximum Impact.

“You know the things that we’ve been told in the States about Africa. If you go it’s all these bad things: everybody is sick, dying, homeless, poverty stricken, just in need of us to come and help rescue them,” Cameron said.


An aerial view of Accra, Ghana. Credit to Jay Cameron/YouTube video “The Ghana Chronicles Pt.2 – 7 African Americans Visit Ghana For The First Time & Their Life Changed.”


Cameron’s inspiration to correct these biased conceptions of Africa came from his own trip to Ghana in 2018. His reality check that so conflicted with these false mainstream narratives became the foundation for his next professional and enlightening endeavor.


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Maximum Impact has arranged and carried out many group trips to Africa, particularly Ghana, markedly hosting either three generations or over 40 travelers at once. The journeys were organized to bring people close to the history and modern living of Ghanaians as comfortably as possible through excursions to museums, landmarks and various businesses.


A group of African American women raise their cups with a Ghanaian tour guide. Credit to Jay Cameron/YouTube video “More Than 40+ African Americans Visited Ghana For The 1st Time! A Look Inside Of Their Experience.”


Founded in 2019, Maximum Impact has gone from bringing small groups to Ghana to now hosting private and group trips to destinations such as Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Brazil, Morocco, Panama and Columbia. Every planned itinerary is first practiced by employees of Maximum Impact before clients are taken through the adventure. 

Even during the early times of post-pandemic life, Cameron was able to find people who wanted to travel and his work was noticed.

“A lot of travel companies were watching what I was doing. They’re watching these adventures, they’re listening to these testimonials, they’re seeing the transformation in people,” Cameron said. 


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Seeing and experiencing the worlds and lives of others is vital to understand the truth of how countries outside of your domestic land thrive in the modern day. Cameron knows the value of this truth and has provided a way for others to learn the same.

Watch the full interview here or on YouTube at detour_xp and listen to how Cameron plans to take more travelers to the African diaspora locations in Europe and the United States. 




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