DETOUR Affirmations: “Appreciate mother nature”

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  • Published on October 11, 2022
  • Last Updated June 23, 2023
  • In Videos

Cathleen shares a daily affirmation regarding the appreciation of Mother Nature, from Bukoba, Tanzania.

Barefoot on the shore of lake Victoria in Bukoba, Tanzania, Cathleen Trigg-Jones couldn’t help but appreciate the beauty surrounding her.

“Being here reminded me not only to appreciate, but respect mother nature,” she told DETOUR as she tried to take in the full glory of the vast sandy beach, salty waves and the breeze rustling through her hair – something we don’t do often in the highly connected, burnt-out world we live in.

“So, here’s an affirmation…” Trigg-Jones said, paying her respect to mother nature.

Find Cathleen Trigg-Jones’ affirmation in the video below and remind yourself to take a DETOUR, go out and enjoy nature today!

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