These 25 African artists that made it on to Kamala Harris’ playlist

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  • Published on March 29, 2023
  • Last Updated June 8, 2023
  • In Culture

The vice president is on a week-long trip through Africa and has created a Spotify playlist of local African artists to get her through her travels.

Vice President Kamala Harris is in Africa.

Detour recently reported that Harris is traveling to the continent to meet with government officials and engage with locals to strengthen partnerships and collaboration between Africa and the United States. Her journey through the continent started in Ghana, as she arrived in Accra on Sunday, and includes stops in Tanzania and Zambia. She will be in Africa until Saturday, April 1.

Like most politically-fueled expeditions, the vice president will meet with African presidents to speak about the continent’s opportunities for development, innovation, and the brink of change that it is entering into.

One of Harris’ top priorities is youth. According to Blavity, Africa’s median age for its population is 19. Harris is ensuring that they contribute to the conversation of change.

During her Monday travels through Ghana, she visited Vibrate Space, a Ghanaian music workstation and local collective studio that provides a creative space for young people in the area. Vibrate Space offers audio recording, mixing, mastering and editing equipment, consultations, and masterclass sessions.

Harris was aware of the musical talent of some of the creatives she met with because she featured them on her travel playlist. She teamed up with Spotify to create a local and well-known African artists playlist to get her through her week-long trek.

The playlist, titled “My Travels: Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia,” is “a playlist to amplify the artists and sounds from my travels across Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia,” she described in a report by BBC, shared via Africa News.

Billboard provided a run-through of the artist featured on the VP’s playlist. It features Ghanaian and Ghanaian-American artists including Amaarae, Moses Sumney and Black Sherif; Tanzanian and Tanzanian-American artists like Harmonize, Zuchu and Alikiba; and Zambian and Zambian-American artists including Chile One Mr Zambia, Yo Maps and Chef 187.

“My Travels: Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia”

1. All My Cousins, “Act a Fool”

2. Moses Sumney, “Me in 20 Years”

3. T’neeya, “Pretty Mind”

4. Amaarae, “Reckless & Sweet”

5. Herman Suede, “Kumbaya”

6. Moliy, “Ghana Bop”

7. Ria Boss, “Call Up”

8. Harmonize, “Single Again”

9. Chile One Mr Zambia, “I Love You”

10. Black Sherif, “Kwaku the Traveller”

11. Jux, Marioo, Papi Cooper & Tony Duardo, “Nice (Kiss)“

12. Zuchu, “Utaniua”

13. Yo Maps, “Aweah”

14. Alikiba, “Mahaba”

15. Jay Melody, “Sawa”

16. Mbosso feat. Costa Titch & Alfa Kat, “Shetani”

17. Sarkodie feat. Black Sherif, “Country Side”

18. Platform Tz & Marioo, “Fall”

19. Darassa feat. Bien, “No Body”

20. Chef 187 & Blake, “Nobody”

21. Kuami Eugene & Rotimi, “Cryptocurrency”

22. Coolguy Pro, “Cherry”

23. Marioo & Abbah, “Lonely”

24. M3NSA, “Fanti Love Song”

25. Baaba J, “Lumumba”

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