Brenden Durell of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix.

Relationship expert Brenden Durell divulges best places and times to travel

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  • Published on February 2, 2024
  • In Tips

Brenden Durell’s tells DETOUR the best places and times to take trips, plus what music makes his travel playlist.

DETOUR’s rapid fire interview continues with relationship expert, Brenden Durell, of Netflix’s hit show, “Too Hot to Handle.” In this third and final dialogue, we learn about Brenden’s favorite regions to travel to, what languages he’d like to learn, the best time of year to travel, and best place to retire to. Lastly and most importantly, he answers the real question on everyone’s mind: Sade or Boys II Men?

Season 6 of  “Too Hot to Handle” was greenlit by Netflix back in August 2023 and is slated to premiere in 2024. The show — which challenges attractive, young singles to sexual continence while staying at an island resort — announced a change in its approach along with the confirmation of a new season.

Typically, contestants aren’t aware of the show’s identity until they arrive on the island. This time around, however, Netflix will maintain full transparency during the application process.

A cast and release date have yet to be announced for “Too Hot To Handle” season 6. In the meantime, follow @brendendurell on Instagram and watch parts one and two of our conversation with the relationship expert on our YouTube channel.

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