Galen Barett speaks to attendees of the BOLD by Wyndham “Women Own the Room” conference about overcoming common barriers women face in hotel development and help them effectively open and run their hotels.

Be BOLD with Wyndham V.P. Galen Barrett and become a Black professional in the hotel industry

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  • Published on January 23, 2024
  • Last Updated January 25, 2024
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DETOUR Editor Ron Stodghill interviews Galen Barrett of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts in a new episode of Publisher’s Studio to explore how the Black Owners & Lodging Developers program invests in the success and development of Black professionals and new-comers in the hotel industry.

DETOUR Editor Ron Stodghill called up Wyndham Hotels & Resorts’ Vice President, Strategic Franchise Initiatives Galen Barrett to learn about the company’s Black Owners & Lodging Developers (BOLD) program in a new episode of Publisher’s Studio. 

“One of our values at Wyndham is inclusivity,” Barrett said. Wyndham invests in the inclusion of ambitious Black entrepreneurs, developers and hotel staff to support the manifestation of enriched communities brought about by those existing and new professionals. 

By going out into communities and making themselves available to the common person, experts like Barrett showcase the value of stepping out from behind the desk and reaching out through the BOLD program. 

BOLD lays the foundation of Black success in the hotel industry and accelerates that success by offering training, conferences and experience: Participants can join in networking events with Wyndham and industry experts; receive educational materials on getting started in hotel ownership, maximizing revenue and operations; and work with Wyndham teams to find local financing opportunities. 


Read how Vaughn Irons, Principal of Stonecrest Resorts, was able to work with BOLD to revitalize the largely Black community of Stonecrest, Georgia here.


“Giving people the ability to understand what hotel and commercial real estate development means, the full breadth, is step one,” said Barrett. 

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