Take a look inside Wynwood’s new Soho House and its design inspiration

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  • Published on February 19, 2024
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DETOUR toured Wynwood neighborhood’s newest addition and talked design inspiration with the design team over brunch at the Miami Pool House.

DETOUR was granted an exclusive opportunity to delve into the latest addition to the dynamic Wynwood Miami district. In an exclusive brunch setting, two highly regarded professionals in the realm of design, Harriet Liley, the Lead Designer at Soho House, and James Patmore, the Design Director at Soho Home, provided a glimpse into the intricate world of interior design.

James Patmore, the Design Director at Soho Home, and Harriet Liley, the Lead Designer at Soho House (Credit: Ivan Lanz)

They expanded on their design concepts, techniques, and approaches for creating their spaces and provided details on the interior inspiration for the retro Soho House Miami Pool House.

Soho House + Home Tour Miami (Credit: Ivan Lanz)

On the border of Edgewater and Wynwood, Miami Pool House provides a tropical haven surrounded by lush greenery. The new club-only area, which occupies over an acre of land, comprises three buildings: the Pool House, Loft, and Cottage, all of which Soho House Design has renovated and arranged around a rectangular swimming pool.

The varied buildings that make up The Pool House were once part of a printing operation that was turned into a residence in the 1940s. The Cottage is a Sears kit home with exposed Dade County pine beams from 1926 and reclaimed wood floors, while the Loft was formerly a two-story machine shop from the 1960s.

All the new structures were built to blend in with the existing campus-like layout of the site, but they each have their own distinct look and feel and are connected by gorgeous landscaping. The Wynwood-Edgewater neighborhood’s history, as well as its surroundings, served as inspiration for the Soho House Design.

The Wynwood neighborhood in Miami, has been around for quite some time. In the 1920s, it was the epicenter of the city’s garment industry, as previously highlighted on Detour. The arrival of Puerto Rican immigrants in the 1950s contributed to Little San Juan’s rise to prominence.

While paying respect to the neighborhood’s Puerto Rican background with its vibrant color scheme and use of vivid patterns, Miami Pool House design goes back to the 1920s with its floral prints on fabrics and furniture.

Local vintage dealers in Florida provided the majority of the furniture, lighting, and accessories, according to Soho Home’s design team.

Soho House Miami Pool House (Art by Woody de Othello) (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

Artists that have either spent time in Miami or the Caribbean are the primary focus of the Miami Pool House’s art collection. The collection, which is an accumulation of nearly 60 pieces, showcases the work of established artists like Woody de Othello, N Dash, Angel Otero, and Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, and up-and-coming ones like Malaika Temba and Mark Fleuridor.

“The inspiration was very much 1920s faded glamor, with that slightly Cuban influence,” Marcus Barwell, the Managing Director of Soho House Design said. “We tried to make it relaxed and playful. You’ll see lots of pastels and bold stripes. It’s uplifting, it’s bold. It has that kind of playful glamor.”

In addition to other site-specific installations by Rose Marie Cromwell and Cornelius Tulloch, Miami Pool House is home to one of the largest scale murals ever created for a North American Soho House. The mural was created by Carolina Cueva.

The Pool, Soho House Miami Pool House (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

In the spirit of Slim Aaron’s chill aesthetic and vibe, The Pool takes its design cues from Palm Beach, complete with lounge chairs, musicians and DJs, and a weekend market.

The Cottage, Soho House Miami Pool House (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

Deborah de Corral, a House member, owns the restaurant Tigre, which will be featured monthly on the revolving menu at the Pool House cottage and deck.

The Cottage, Soho House Miami Pool House (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

The Loft is the largest room in the house, and it serves as a casual, laptop-friendly workspace by day and a cozy cocktail bar by night, hosting special vinyl sets and also providing a comfortable living room on the second floor for creative community activations, talks, and meetings.

The Restaurant, Soho House Miami Pool House (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

The Restaurant and Terrace is a stylish indoor-outdoor spot serving up contemporary dishes with a ‘60s twist. If you have ever had the pleasure of dining or enjoying a drink at any of the esteemed establishments under the Soho House brand, then you are well aware of the exceptional quality they offer. Even the simplest dishes on the menu are meticulously prepared and presented.

The Restaurant embraces its existing patterned tiled and painted wooden floors as well as its pastel pink plastered walls to provide a formal dining environment.

The Main Bar, Soho House Miami Pool House (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

The kitchen-counter style bar was inspired by furniture from the turn of the century, and the bar lamps were hand-crafted by a ceramist in California who took their design inspiration from the lighting in Spanish Manises.

The garden’s furniture has vivid colors and patterns, and it’s all arranged under the dappled shade of tropical trees. Festival lights draped among the trees give the garden a magical glow after dark.

The garden outdoor dining seating, Soho House Miami Pool House (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

Members were brought closer to the Soho Home team and brand as they enjoyed signature cocktails and networked after a tour of the spaces, during which they gained insider design knowledge.

The garden outdoor dining seating, Soho House Miami Pool House (Credit: Andrew Joseph Woomer)

Members of Soho House come from all walks of life and are brought together to network, learn, socialize, and make an impact. For those intrigued by their memberships, visit sohohouse.com.

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