Thailand Travel Tip: How to See Over 100 Temples in One Day

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  • Published on November 2, 2023
  • In Culture

Travel bloggers The Chews made the most of their Bangkok adventure by visiting the Ancient City.

When traveling to Thailand, one of the most fascinating things to do is explore the ancient temples. There’s hundreds of temples Bangkok, the capital city, alone. If you are short on time, it may seem impossible to see them all. But my husband and I came across a little-known solution.

We were Southeast Asian on vacation and an unexpected layover landed us in Bangkok. Although we only had a few hours, the temple grounds were calling us and we wanted to see as many religious artifacts as possible. To make this happen, we took a taxi about 45 minutes outside of the capital to a place called Muang Boran or Ancient City.

Golden Buddhas abound in temples throughout Thailand. (Photgrapher: Amnartk, Shutterstock)

Ancient City has over 100 replica temples representative of the five different regions in Thailand. They’re designed to showcase the different eras of architecture and design in the country. It is the largest open-air museum in the world.

It is so large that a bicycle is included in the cost of admission, which is about $20 USD per person. (Budget tip: by booking our tickets online, we spent only $9.50 USD per person.) We also opted for the electric bike that sits two people. It was an additional $14 USD for the 3-hour rental. We easily breezed through all 200 acres of Ancient City.

The featured buildings range in size from life-size replicas to scaled down versions. There’s countless gardens, waterfalls and monuments throughout the museum; even temples that are no longer standing have been replicated on the grounds.

This is a leisurely experience that feels as if you’re time traveling or exploring a whole new world. Bonus: It’s usually not busy so it feels as if it’s to yourself. To see more of this hidden gem, check out the video above.

Olivia Taylor-Chew is a Long Island, New York based budget travel blogger who is on a mission to “See the World & Save a Dollar!” She is the co-founder of ChewsToExplore, a budget travel blog site and YouTube channel.

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