TuneDn: Elec Simon’s playlist boasts a song for every occasion

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  • Published on November 7, 2022
  • Last Updated December 22, 2022

Meet percussionist Elec Simon, the “Motivational Entertainer,” and his eclectic travel playlist at the International Arts Festival in New Orleans.

Percussionist and “motivational entertainer” Elec Simon has the gift of seeing music in everything.

“Somebody opening the door, somebody dangling their keys, just walking – I am always hearing the music,” he explained to Detour backstage at the International Arts Festival in New Orleans, whose fellow performers included Simon’s former collaborators Pieces of a Dream.

Maybe this is why Simon does not limit his playlist to one genre or artist and chooses everything according to the type of mood he’s in. He draws inspiration from a variety of artists, including everything from Billie Ocean to Earth, Wind & Fire.

Hit play on the video to see why September by Earth, Wind & Fire holds special significance for Elec Simon as well as hear his thoughts on the Bahian Carnival in Salvador, Brazil, which is the ultimate bucket list event.