Now is your chance to stay in Prince’s majestic Caribbean villa

A private peninsula, a purple tennis court, and a wealth of extravagance are all features of Prince’s 17-bedroom luxury villa in Turks and Caicos.


Coquito, Ugly Sweaters and Video Chats — DETOUR Editors Share New and Old Holiday Traditions

DETOUR wishes you Happy Holidays by sharing some traditions from across the globe.


Travel Tips

Cancun travelers, be on alert because taxi beef is a thing, yikes!

The best time to plan your transportation is before you travel to Cancun, Mexico. Tourists should beware: there are currently taxi conflicts going on.


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Must-visit destinations for Black travelers in 2023

DETOUR compiled a list of places within the U.S. Black travelers seeking new and exciting cultural experiences and historical immersions should visit in 2023.


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Kansas City attractions spotlight Black arts, history

Kansas City is a rich hub for Black travel and exploration.


Black Wall Streets

Black Wall Streets: Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi

DETOUR’s ongoing series to highlight historic Black districts continues with a focus on the former beating heart of downtown Jackson’s Black community.

Black Wall Streets: Little Rock, Arkansas’ West 9th Street was a hub for Black business

It once was a lifeline in the Black community in Little Rock, but it was systematically dismantled in response to desegregation efforts.

Sundown Towns

Finding family, and tragedy, in the heartland: Detour Podcast

Hear Rochelle Fritsch, the subject of DETOUR’s animated documentary on whitewashing in Missouri, tell her family’s story in her own words.

Horror in the heartland: Finding America’s sundown towns is easier than you might think

Sundown towns are not confined to one state or region; they are found in states across the nation. See how states compare to one another in this map.


U-Turn: A travel quote to help you press the reset and rejuvenation button as you enter 2023

Close out 2022 with a reflective travel quote and step into the new year on faith with DETOUR.




Travel Tapes with the Ambassador: A show in Senegal

Toni Blackman, the first official U.S. hip hop ambassador, recounts her journey from the Bay Area to hip hop culture around the world. Part IV


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