Inside Napa Valley’s Premier Black-Owned Winery: Brown Estate

As one of a handful of Black owned vineyards in Napa Valley, Brown Estate wines makes a distinctive mark.


Detour investigates: Searching for Daniel Robinson

David Robinson was different. From the moment we met, I saw myself in his story, as a Black man and father. And I feel for him.


Community Spotlight: Golf

Steph Curry finds joy—and a new life mission—in young Black golfers

When he’s not on the court, the NBA star levels the playing field for young athletes on the fairway.


On the Course: Doug Wiliams on inspiring Black kids to play golf

NFL Super Bowl champion Doug Williams discusses sportsmanship from football to golf and the importance of giving back to the Black community.


On the Course: Eastside Golf is there to support Black golfers

Meet entrepreneurs Olajuwon Ajanaki and Earl Cooper, founders of Black-owned business East Side Golf. Here’s how they started business on the green.


On the Course: John Starks loves traveling for golf

Meet NBA retiree John Starks at the Wild Turkey Golf Club. Hear where this pro-basketball-player-turned-golfer loves to travel.


Travel Tips

This camping experience gives guests the opportunity to sleep on the Great Miami River

Guests can sleep in floating tents for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Travel Guides

Travel the world through your palate in New Orleans

Travel the world through these Black and Israeli-owned James Beard Award-winning restaurants with Creole food, flavors of Senegal and the Middle East.


Eat & Drink

See & Think

Travel Alerts

Domestic airfare costs decrease, international ticket prices increase ahead of summer travel

While prices for international destinations are up $200-600, domestic airfare has seen a decrease.


Travel Advisory

Travelers warned to ‘exercise increased caution’ with Peru’s new travel advisories

Drug trafficking, terrorist group threats, and civil uprisings behind the increase of travel advisory levels for different regions in Peru.


Community Spotlight: Destinations

Take an E-tour with DETOUR: Lisbon, Portugal

Even sidewalks are unique in this beautiful European capital. DETOUR’s latest e-tour is in Lisbon, Portugal. Built on hills, the city unites medieval, renaissance and modern architecture.

Take an E-Tour with DETOUR: Montreal, Canada

View the open air museum that is the Montreal art scene, known as the Paris of Canada.

Take an E-Tour With DETOUR: Colombia

Gina Arias and DETOUR will walk you through the beauty and history of Colombia, nicknamed “the gateway to South America.”

Take an E-Tour With DETOUR: Ghana, West Africa

Witness the beauty and history of Ghana, West Africa. View Elmina Castle, the busy Accra capital, and the beautiful Volta region. A visual commemoration to mark 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were brought to the United States.

People & Places

Community Spotlight: Music

TuneDn: Shani Kulture is a lover of culture

Meet Trinidadian radio personality, Shani Kulture, as he lists music, food, and fashion as key parts of culture at the New Orleans International Arts Festival.


TuneDn: Mecca Notes likes to sing while driving

Meet Mecca Notes, a Nigerian and New Orleanian vocalist, as he chats R&B and which albums to belt on a road trip at the International Arts Festival in New Orleans.


TuneDn: Julian Vaughn on the power of music

Detour chatted with Julian Vaughn, Kansas City jazz artist, at the New Orleans International Arts Festival. Learn the best spots in his hometown here.


TuneDn: Demi Grace on travel, gratitude and spirituality

Meet Nigerian model and recording artist Demi Grace, as she talks travel, music, spirituality, and wanting to be a Russian spy.



Everything you need to know about JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program overhaul

Often voted America’s favorite discounted airline, JetBlue introduces new perks and status tiers to their TrueBlue Loyalty program.



7 Mother’s Day gifts for traveling mamas

Here are our top travel picks for Mother’s Day gifts this year for the mama who loves adventure by plane, train or automobile.


History & Heritage

Smithsonian’s African American museum debuts Afrofuturism exhibit

The exhibit, which closes March 2024, features artifacts from film, TV, music and more.


Black Wall Streets

Black Wall Streets: Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi

DETOUR’s ongoing series to highlight historic Black districts continues with a focus on the former beating heart of downtown Jackson’s Black community.

Black Wall Streets: Little Rock, Arkansas’ West 9th Street was a hub for Black business

It once was a lifeline in the Black community in Little Rock, but it was systematically dismantled in response to desegregation efforts.

Sundown Towns

Finding family, and tragedy, in the heartland: Detour Podcast

Hear Rochelle Fritsch, the subject of DETOUR’s animated documentary on whitewashing in Missouri, tell her family’s story in her own words.

Horror in the heartland: Finding America’s sundown towns is easier than you might think

Sundown towns are not confined to one state or region; they are found in states across the nation. See how states compare to one another in this map.

Community Spotlight: Wellness

DETOUR Affirmations: “Take risks”

Cathleen shares a daily affirmation regarding taking risks and keeping faith and trust.

DETOUR Affirmations: “Appreciate mother nature”

Cathleen shares a daily affirmation regarding the appreciation of Mother Nature, from Bukoba, Tanzania.

Watch & Listen

Documentary: Searching for Daniel Robinson

On June 23, 2021, Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old geologist, went missing in the Sonoran desert. His father, a U.S. army veteran who survived two tours in Afghanistan desert, has been searching ever since. This is their story.



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