Anthony Q on crafting an authentic trap soul sound with his new EP, ‘Real Talk”

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  • Published on January 10, 2024
  • In Interview

Discover the soulful journey of Anthony Q, who blends R&B, southern rap, and raw emotion. Dive into his EP “Real Talk” and hit single “Fake Sh*t Pt. 2” with Boosie Badazz.

If music is a universal language, who are the artists that speak most powerfully to our heart and soul? Whose music offers the perfect soundtrack to adventures we’ve experienced and those that await us. In DETOUR’s TuneDn, we connect with artists – from seasoned vets to up-and-coming talents – about where their work has taken them and where they’re headed, both literally and musically. 

This time around, we’re chatting with artist Anthony Q. The trap soul artist talks about how a fusion of R&B, southern rap, and soul provide the sonic backdrop for his deep-seated experiences, the inspiration behind his EP “Real Talk,” and the success of his single “Fake Sh*t Pt. 2,” featuring Boosie Badazz. Discover the must-visit spots in Memphis, as the Memphis-born artist recommends iconic historical sites and restaurants serving mouthwatering eats. 

Anthony Q (Credit: Playbook MG)

Where are you from and how does your background inspire your music?

I hail from Memphis, TN, where my roots run deep. The driving force behind my music stems from the many experiences that have shaped my journey. My unique sound mirrors the influential melodies of my early years, weaving together elements of R&B, southern rap, and soulful nuances.  

Can you explain why music is important to travel? 

Music plays a significant role in the art of unwinding and often travel is usually involved in that experience. Whether it’s the immersive ambiance of a plane ride, the blissful escape by the poolside, or taking a stroll down Sunset Drive, there’s a unique magic in music we heard while in those places. Music plays a special part in influencing the setting and helping you tap into a vibe.

Do you feel music is a key factor in a person’s destination choice when planning a vacation? 

It really depends on a person’s lifestyle or choice. Many people will travel specifically for cultural celebrations like Jazz Fest in New Orleans or carnival in the Caribbean, and music is at the heart of that. 

What places have you traveled so far, and where was your favorite destination?

Mostly East and West Coast, not so much middle America yet. I like the bigger cities, New York and Los Angeles, etc. but I spend time in the Southeast mostly. I love Tennessee, of course, and live in Georgia, so I often travel to South Carolina and North Carolina nearby. I have also gotten to visit Kentucky, Indiana, and recently Arkansas.

Where are some must-go places in your hometown? 

Undoubtedly, the Fed-Ex Forum is the go-to spot for catching a Grizzlies game in Memphis. The city itself boasts a rich history, prominently featuring its musical legacy and pivotal role in the civil rights movement. For a real tourist experience, try the Sun Studio tour and visit the Lorraine Motel and other essential stops. The tours will offer people a glimpse into Memphis’s vibrant cultural and historical significance.

Anthony Q (Credit: Playbook MG)

What foods and restaurants would you recommend? 

The Rendezvous is a famous eatery in Memphis. People come from all over to try it, and they never forget it either. Best chicken barbecue. 

What is an item you must have with you when traveling?

My phone. I check to be sure I have it at all times. It’s incredible to think about traveling without having everything available on our phones. 

How would you describe the music that you typically create? 

My music delves into genuine life experiences. I’m not one to hold back when it comes to expressing myself, and if that translates into raw, unfiltered emotion, I embrace it wholeheartedly. Beyond just enjoying the beats, people resonate with my songs because they connect with the realness embedded in the lyrics and with me as an individual. It’s genuinely gratifying to witness that connection unfold. 

What is your creative process? 

What I find works best for me is chilling in my car, soaking in the vibes of the tracks. It’s a moment of serene tranquility, almost like slipping into a meditative state. Once I sense that peace and find myself in the zone, the musical experience starts to unfold and evolve organically.

You recently dropped an EP titled, “Real Talk.”  What was the inspiration behind this project? 

My goal is not just to craft music rooted in my personal experiences, but to forge connections with those who may be going through or have gone through similar situations. As the project began taking shape, I found myself uncertain about what to name it, until the pieces started falling into place. That’s when it struck me and I named it “Real Talk.”

Anthony Q (Credit: Playbook MG)

How would you describe your music? 

Trap soul. It’s really an emerging genre, and it’s a good category for me considering my vocal range and integration of hip-hop elements. 

In 2023, you released “Fake Sh*t Pt. 2” featuring the legendary Boosie Badazz. How was it working with Boosie, how did that collaboration come about, and how does it feel to know that fans are loving the song?

It feels good to be appreciated for my sound. Boosie reached out to me via social media, after that it was pretty much history. Then we dropped “Fake Sh*t” Tony Neal and King Dorian made the collaboration possible. I’m glad I was able to include this song on the EP.

Can you share your favorite memories with music and travel? 

It’s all about actualizing the dream for me. I’ll never forget the business trip to New York when I first stepped inside Republic Records. That really woke something up inside me.

What is your favorite song to perform? 

“Fake Sh*t.” To be fair, it’s what is most appropriate for me and the fans. It’s an anthem for us all, especially when we feel fed up with the fakeness of society.  

What about your success has been new for you? 

The notoriety and being recognized as “Anthony Q.” It is one thing to perform in front of a crowd, and another to be seen as famous. I’m sure it will continue to surprise me. 

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? 

Mane, the “Fake Ish” – it’s really sad how shallow people are. It says a great deal about someone’s character. The music should speak for itself. 

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