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  • Published on February 19, 2024
  • In People

Read DETOUR’s interview with R&B artist, LÉA THE LEOX.

When we’re traveling here, there and everywhere in between, music instantly grounds us on our journeys. In DETOUR’s new TuneDn column, we chat with new voices and legendary artists about the sights, sounds and wanderlust that shape who they are.

Up next: Rising R&B artist, LÉA THE LEOX. Here’s what made the “Purpose” singer who she is today, and what she’s looking forward to in the future.

Where are you from? How does your background inspire your music?

I’m from Brockton, MA. Growing up in such a diverse city, I learned a lot about different cultures. This inspired me to be more open with my music and to try different things. I was in marching band, show choir, and drama club growing up, so I was always involved in the arts.

Photo from photoshoot celebrating new EP release, “Over Again.” (Photo courtesy of LÉA THE LEOX.)

Where would you love to perform, and why?

It is a dream of mine to perform at the House of Blues in Boston, MA. Growing up I went to a lot of shows here and was always inspired by the venue and the performers. This would be a big full circle moment for me.

Photo from photoshoot celebrating new EP release, “Over Again.” (Photo courtesy of LÉA THE LEOX.)

How would you describe the music that you create? Can you share your creative process?

I like to push genre boundaries. I make R&B music with folk and pop influence. I write music that reflects different experiences in my life. I usually start writing on my own and bring the idea to my producer and we craft the song together. When it comes to the recording process, we like to honor the emotions of the song. We usually end up waiting for the right time to record vocals to keep the integrity of the song.

Photo from photoshoot celebrating new EP release, “Over Again.” (Photo courtesy of LÉA THE LEOX.)

What is your favorite song to perform? And what new projects are you working on currently?

My favorite song to perform is “When You’re Lonely.” It’s such an emotional experience for me, and it was the first song I started playing live on guitar, so it holds a special place in my heart. I just released my debut EP, PURPOSE. It takes you with me on a deeply introspective journey that explores themes of heartbreak, healing, and self-discovery. I’m excited to see if that answer changes the more I perform the EP.

Photo from photoshoot celebrating new EP release, “Over Again.” (Photo courtesy of LÉA THE LEOX.)

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

It has been very clear to me at a young age that this is what I’m meant to do, so I haven’t put too much thought into much else outside of my artistry. But I would probably be back in Massachusetts.

Album art for LÉA THE LEOX’s new EP release. (Photo courtesy of LÉA THE LEOX)

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

As an artist, sometimes it feels like there is a lack of individuality and a constant push to chase trends. The industry often promotes formulaic approaches and encourages artists to play into popular trends. I feel like that sometimes stifles creativity and motivation for a lot of artists. I want to bring artistry back to the forefront. I always strive to be myself in any room and try to convey that as authentically as possible on social media.

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