Travel Tapes: Once in a Lifetime, part 1

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  • Published on November 14, 2022
  • Last Updated December 22, 2022

Brooklyn underground hip-hop artist Aquamonk of the Perverted Monks recounts stories from a once in a lifetime tour around the world.

In part 1 of Once in a Lifetime, Brooklyn underground hip-hop artist Aquamonk details the origins of The Perverted Monks and the places they’ve traveled. The European market was instrumental in bringing them to all corners of the world. Aquamonk lends his insight as to why.

Follow Aquamonk to snowboarding slopes in Vermont and Switzerland as well as hip-hop venues in Europe and experience life on tour in DETOUR’s Travel Tapes: Once in a Lifetime part 2 and part 3 and part 4.


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