This mountainous state just ranked No. 1 in the US for camping

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  • Published on April 26, 2023
  • Last Updated June 14, 2023
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Wyoming has the most RV parks out of every state, highest number of paid or free campsites and the third highest number of hiking trails in any state.

Camping season is here! While picking out the perfect sleeping bag may cause a dilemma, finding the best campsite will be a piece of cake. Wyoming has just been named the No. 1 hotspot for campers this year.

Travel and Leisure shared survey results from Adventures on the Rock, which claimed Wyoming has everything you could want for an outdoor getaway. The Adventures on the Rock team took a few things into consideration to give Wyoming such a boastful title.

The outlet mentioned 10 factors on their radar, including the number of national parks and landmarks relative to the state area, the number of hiking trails, and RV parks and campsites relative to the state population. The team also looked at financial matters, including average fuel prices and nature-related statistics, including yearly average rainfall and plant and animal species diversity. To get a complete picture, they also considered more macabre data, such as deaths per 10 million national park visits and fatalities caused by dangerous animal or plant exposure.

A spokesperson from Adventures on the Rock told Travel and Leisure that Wyoming ranked so high because it provides the adventure campers seek.

“This data provides a fascinating insight into which states offer nature lovers the most well-rounded camping experiences, the spokesperson said. “One of the key reasons people plan camping trips is for the adventure component. Exploring the great outdoors, observing different wildlife, and hiking trails are all part of the allure.”

The spokesperson also provided a statement to Thrillist, saying, “Wyoming stands out as a top spot for campers, due to its abundance of RV parks, free and paid campsites, and range of hiking trails. As spring continues to bloom, campers may want to consider a trip to The Cowboy State if they are looking for their next adventure.”

Known as the “cowboy state,” Wyoming scored 72.12/100 regarding the above rankings.

The mountainous state also ranked among the nation’s 10 most beautiful states. Wyoming has the highest number of RV parks, and campers have their picks of paid and free campsites. Wyoming offers 26 RV parks, 118 regular campsites, and 45 free campsites per 100,000 residents. It also appeases hiking enthusiasts, ranking in third highest number of hiking trails in any state, with 350 per 100,000 residents.

Take a look at the top 10 best states for camping in the U.S. below:

  1. Wyoming (72.12/100)

  2. Montana (69.29/100)

  3. New Mexico (65.94/100)

  4. Idaho (63.62/100)

  5. Vermont (61.23/100)

  6. South Dakota (61.12/100)

  7. Utah (60.15/100)

  8. New Hampshire (59.93/100)

  9. Colorado (59.86/100)

  10. North Dakota (58.81/100)

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