Take an E-Tour with Detour: Vermont

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  • Published on October 28, 2022
  • Last Updated June 23, 2023

This time in E-Tour Detour will take you to Vermont. The Green Mountain state is the perfect destonation for fall, when the leaves are the their most colorful.

This fall, take an E-Tour to Vermont.

The New England state is ablaze in shades of crimson, gold, burnt orange, and verdant green at this time of the year, offering views that will take your breath away. And the crisp weather is still warm enough for hikes to Quechee Gorge, known as “Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon.

See the video for a sneak-peak of what awaits you in Vermont. While there, don’t forget to drink apple cider, or if you can carry it, pick up a bottle from the roadside stores. Vermont’s maple syrup will be a tasty reminder of your leaf-peeping adventure.