From Philly to NYC: In Rockefeller Center with DETOUR’s Corner Concierge

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  • Published on December 24, 2022
  • In Videos

DETOUR’s concierge and comedian Tibby D popped up near the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree to chat up tourists. Check it out to get in the Christmas spirit!

New York City is an ideal holiday destination to take in the lights and sights. That’s exactly what two tourists from Philadelphia were doing, enjoying the Rockefeller Christmas tree, when they were approached by comedian Tibby D. “I know about the cheesesteaks,” Tibby D said, when he heard where the women where from. The women’s Philly pride was in full effect and they shared some of their favorite places to eat, other than cheesesteak spots. Watch the video below and find out why locals love Philadelphia and what it has to offer in terms of food and hotspots.

If you’re in New York, keep your eyes peeled for Tibby D and make sure to say hi to DETOUR.


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