Blast off with NASA at this surreal NYC interactive art exhibit

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  • Published on March 30, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
  • In Culture

Various interactive science-themed installations that are visually striking and educational will be available for the public to engage with.

If you’re in NYC and want to travel to the stars without ever leaving Earth, prepare for a mind-bending adventure through the cosmos at the upcoming Hall des Lumières display.

Destination Cosmos: The Immersive Space Experience, a collaboration between NASA and CNES, is an exciting new way to experience art, learning, and space in a beautiful historic building that’s closer than you think. Housed in the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank building, with hands-on experiences and interactive events, this fascinating exhibit will transport you into our galaxy for an amazing journey through space from April 7 to June 4 this year.

Using floor-to-ceiling projections and a carefully selected soundtrack, the two-story installation takes visitors on a journey that begins in Cape Canaveral and transports guests from the surface of the Earth to the depths of the universe. The display allows viewers to explore a labyrinth of galaxies, nebulae, and supernovae over the course of 13 distinct episodes.

The space agency is responsible for some of the most jaw-dropping images in the exhibition, including those of Cape Canaveral and canyons on Mars; viewers can even sail across Saturn’s rings. While the planetary alignment at the end of the month will allow visitors to see Jupiter in the night sky next week, Secrets NYC highlights that this experience takes you deep into the planet’s geographic center long after the astronomical phenomena has already occurred.

Visitors can also learn about their star sign in an illustrated sky, watch footage from Neil Armstrong’s moon walk, learn about the Apollo missions, and delve into the history of space-themed popular culture, as noted by Thrillest.

On Friday, April 7, Hall des Lumières in Lower Manhattan will host Destination Cosmos. Online ticket prices start at just $25.

While you’re in the mood, you can also check out Gustav Klimt: Gold in Motion on display. This exhibition is a sensory feast dedicated to Klimt’s most recognizable works. You’ll be whisked away to a world of gold and color thanks to state-of-the-art mapping technology, beautiful music, and a historic setting.


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