Excursions with Gina Arias: Niger, Part 1

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  • Published on September 26, 2022
  • Last Updated June 20, 2023
  • In Podcasts

Walk down the memory lane with Excursions host Gina Arias as she ponders wanderlust that brought her to West Africa.

Gina Arias has already taken you on excursions to the Dominican Republic and Colombia. This time, she will take you on her very personal, life-altering journey to Niger in West Africa.

Arias visited Niger as a health and nutrition education volunteer from the Peace Corps and spent two years working in the field.

Prior to the trip Arias knew absolutely nothing about the country. “Obsessed as I was with maps, I only knew that it was north of Nigeria,” she remembers.

Yet, she took the leap of faith and boarded the plane for the adventure. The year was 1994 and Gina Arias was about to get a whole education on Niger: on location and in person.

This video is the first installment in the three-part series on Niger. Watch the full playlist below:

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