Here’s a rundown of what to do in one of Mexico’s most desirable destinations

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  • Published on February 19, 2024
  • In Culture

The culture-rich city of Oaxaca de Juárez was named the best city in the world in Travel + Leisure’s 2023 World’s Best Awards.

Mexico has endless desirable destinations, but Oaxaca de Juárez tops the list. Located in the southwest region of Mexico, the city, which ic simply referred to as Oaxaca, is a mecca for the country’s colorful culture, beautiful weather, and iconic architecture created by some of Mexico’s best designers.

The city’s allure was confirmed when it was named the best city in the world in Travel + Leisure’s 2023 World’s Best Awards.

Zachary Rabinor, a member of T+L’s A-List of travel advisors and the CEO of Journey Mexico, said one of the best things about Oaxaca was the merging of cultures in the area.

“The most remarkable thing about Oaxaca is the deep presence of this pre-Colombian culture in all aspects of contemporary life — the mingling and mixing of Indigenous, Spanish, and contemporary Mexican influences are unique and unforgettable,” said Rabinor.

He also highlighted Oaxaca’s ability to keep any traveler happy and busy. “You could spend several weeks here and not even scratch the surface — if you weren’t planning correctly, that is.”

Visitors can enjoy Colonial architecture, museums, markets, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. They can explore the incredible Indigenous villages that conserve century-old artisan traditions, dress, language, culture, and lifestyles, or venture through the valleys of the Sierra Madre Sur Mountains.

Due to its placement in the mountains, Oaxaca has spring-like weather year-round, according to Travel + Leisure.

Now that Oaxaca de Juárez has been added to your travel plans for the year, here’s an itinerary to help you explore one of the best cities in the world.

The Best Hotels and Resorts in Oaxaca

  1. Hotel Casa Santo Origen
  2. Quinta Real Oaxaca
  3. Casa Silencio

Best Things to Do in Oaxaca

  1. Visit downtown Oaxaca.
  2. Explore the white rock “waterfall” formations of Hierve el Agua.
  3. Take in the view at Monte Albán.

Mezcal Experiences in Oaxaca

  1. Head over to Mezcalería In Situ for a broad collection of bottles and emphasis on education.
  2. Learn how to pair mezcal with local dishes at El Distilado.
  3. Become your own mixologist by making artisanal mezcal cocktails at Selva Oaxaca.
  4. Sip on a drink and take a gorgeous rooftop-view at Puro Burro.

Best Shopping in Oaxaca

  1. Mercado 20 de Noviembre is a market with goods like sandals, bags, homeware, and more.
  2. For mezcal, visit Mezcaleria Cuish for a drink and some bottles to-go.

Best Restaurants in Oaxaca

  1. Mercado Organico La Cosecha
  2. Casa Oaxaca’s restaurant
  3. Origen
  4. El Lechoncito de Oro

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