This camping experience gives guests the opportunity to sleep on the Great Miami River

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  • Published on May 15, 2023
  • Last Updated June 8, 2023
  • In Tips

Guests can sleep in floating tents for a one-of-a-kind experience.

When searching for accommodations during a vacation, a huge draw for many – depending on the location – is a breathtaking ocean or lake view. Float Troy, a camping company in Troy, Ohio, is taking this concept up a notch by offering campers the opportunity to sleep on the water.

During their time with Float Troy, campers can stay in tents on the Great Miami River. Not only is this a unique experience, but it is one-of-a-kind, as it is the only floating-tent experience in the country. The City of Troy has 10 Shoal tents available to rent, all of which fit up to four people. According to Float Troy’s website, each reservation comes with either a single kayak, two person kayak or raft to go to and from the tent. Travel + Leisure notes that it takes five minutes to get from the shore of the nearby Treasure Island Park, although this depends on each group’s proficiency with their watercraft.

Float Troy provides the tents, but guests should be aware of what they need to pack. Float Troy’s FAQ page advises travelers to “bring sunscreen, plenty of water, a water – tight bag for phone/keys and a trash bag to ensure nothing leaves your boat/tent and goes into the beautiful river. Feel free to bring meals and snacks. We also suggest bug spray and flash lights.” Guests should also bring everything needed for sleeping, such as a sleeping bag, a pillow and blanket. It is recommended to bring clothes suitable for wet conditions. Float Troy guests will have access to a restroom at Treasure Island, but there are no showers.

Living on the water is prone to make guests hungry; campers who have a knack for grilling can do so at Treasure Island Park, as well as picnic. Food can be ordered to the park or guests can walk downtown to discover local fare.

“The tents are located about a 10-minute walk from our downtown where we have numerous restaurants from diner-style burgers to glorified tacos,” said Matt Clifton, an employee of the city’s parks department and the on-site coordinator for Float Troy, to Travel + Leisure. “We also have coffee shops. More people tend to eat out because we have a lot of mom and pop [restaurants].”

Float Troy’s fourth season starts June 23, and concludes Sept. 4. Rentals start at $95 per night. For more information, visit

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This story was originally published May 15, 2023 2:55 PM.