The Notre Dame Cathedral projected to reopen to public in December 2024

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  • Published on March 8, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
  • In Culture

After a horrible fire, construction on the Notre Dame Cathedral is underway. The opening date, however, will be after the Summer Olympics in Paris.

A catastrophic fire damaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019, forcing it to close. After a little less than five years, a date has been set to reopen the historical landmark.

December 2024 is the projected date that was provided to the people of Paris. Gen. Jean-Louis Georgelin is the army general in charge of the colossal project. He told the Associated Press, “the cathedral’s iconic spire, which collapsed in the blaze, will gradually start reappearing above the monument this year in a powerful signal of its revival.”

He added that the “return of the spire would be a symbol that we are winning the battle of Notre Dame.”

The reconstruction of the medieval cathedral began last year and is still under the planning of what the final build-out will be. There have been a few suggestions for the structure, including a Disney-influenced look with lights and sound effects. An alternate option is transforming the entire entryway with lush greenery and an underground walkway.

According to French culture minister Rima Abdul-Malak, the December 2024 date signifies the cathedral’s opening for religious practices and public use. However, the projected date isn’t when it’ll be entirely finished.

The goal was to complete the structure by the summer Olympics in Paris. Unfortunately, the construction will still be underway, but don’t let that keep you from the “City of Lights.” Here are some more iconic sights to see in Paris in the meantime.

  1. Shop at The Merci
  2. Check in on Mona Lisa at The Louvre
  3. Eat your weight in fish and chips at Ground Control
  4. Relive the birth of the Grunge era with a show at La Station
  5. Drink like the cool locals at Le Syndicat
  6. Search through the crates for new vinyls at Dizonord
  7. Do high tea at the La Grande Mosquee de Paris
  8. View an art show at Fondation Louis Vuitton
  9. Pray the movies have subtitles at La Cinematheque Francaise
  10. Eat even MORE of your weight in Parisian pasta at Restaurant Passerini


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