Where to go on vacation in Texas if you miss your exit on the Houston freeway

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  • Published on March 29, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
  • In Guest Writers

A social media user sharing Houston freeway meme on Twitter suggests considering a road trip vacation if you miss the exit at a spaghetti junction.

Twitter user, Zaucause_24, posted a photo of a spaghetti junction with the hilarious caption, “Welcome to Houston, TX. Where if you miss an exit yo ass might as well go on vacation.”

While the picture is actually a composite image created as a stock illustration and not a real photo of an actual freeway interchange in Houston, the tweet generated 13 million views and has got many users chiming in on the state of the Houston freeway system.

Citygirljd commented, “Houston has hella exits tho.” Another, MamaKSpeaks said, …you gotta pay attention to them exits though or you doubling back for sure.” One user, Sylvester Cream, relayed their own GPS horror story, “I missed a turn in Houston one time my iPhone didn’t reroute me, my phone just cut off.”

Some of Houston Twitter claims you can just do a U-turn or get off at the next exit a mile away, but many agree with the original sentiment of the tweet: it could feel like the start of a road trip.

So, what do you do if you miss your exit? Here are some suggestions for your missed exit vacation.

Visit Houston Galleria, the Largest Mall in Texas

If you’re looking for the big version of anything, you’ll probably find it in Texas. At 2.4 million square feet of retail space, The Galleria is the largest mall in Texas and the 7th largest mall in the USA. If you like shopping, then what’s not to love about the Houston Galleria?

Well, actually, there is another reason, which was penned by Richard Varr, a guest writer for DETOUR, who said that the Houston Galleria is a symbol of America’s future.

“A walk through Houston’s popular Galleria Mall reveals a crisscross of diversity seemingly from across the globe – not surprising, considering Houstonians speak more than 140 languages and are represented by more than 90 consulates and consular corps… What surprises many is when it comes to the changing face of America’s diversity, the future is already here – in Houston.”

Look for Dinosaurs in Big Bend National Park

Not crazy about malls, but still crazy about crazy big things? Then continuing your missed exit road trip for another 8 hours will land you in one of the most remote places in the USA: Big Bend National Park.

Driving through high mountains and low deserts is absolutely stunning. There are some amazing glamping spots in Terlingua, very close to the park itself, where there is so little artificial light that it’s perfect for stargazing too.

And the biggest thing about Big Bend? There are so many prehistoric fossils to find that Big Bend can genuinely feel like you’re investigating Jurassic Park. Huge dinosaur fossils have been found along the banks of the Rio Grande that borders Mexico. You can even pop over the border for a quick snack.

Grab a Whataburger on the Canals of San Antonio

One of Texas’ oldest settlements, San Antonio is most famous for The Alamo, a key moment in Spanish-American history that gave rise to the T-Shirt and bumper sticker catchphrase, “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Yet, beyond that single moment, San Antonio has been at the heart of the confluence of civilizations in the Americas for centuries. The walkable center of this ancient town is built on a network of canals, so you might imagine you’re strolling through Venice, in Italy, or Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and the city walls hum with a sense of diversity and history; of native peoples, Spanish conquistadors and American pioneers.

But one big bite into a double Whataburger, the fast-casual burger brand headquartered in Downtown San Antonio, will remind you exactly where you are: the US of A, yeehaw!


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