Voted the best beach in the Caribbean, this destination has blue waters and white sands

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  • Published on March 30, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023

Eagle Beach is less than a mile long, but was named the best beach in the Caribbean due to its serene natural beauty and assortment of accommodations.

If you need another reason to visit the Caribbean, Eagle Beach will be your deciding factor.

Located on the western tip of Aruba, Eagle Beach is the perfect picturesque background for spring break or summer vacations.

This 0.7 mile white-sand beach beat out over 7,000 other shorelines in the Caribbean Islands and was just named the “Best Beach in the Caribbean” by travel enthusiasts on TripAdvisor, according to Travel & Leisure.

Although Eagle Beach is smaller than most, it is the widest beach in Aruba. The neighboring area is famous for its low-rise resorts and family-friendly all-inclusive accommodations.

The palm-fringed island does offer adult-only areas where topless sunbathing is allowed. Full nudity is illegal on the island.

One of the beach’s shining features is the calm, seaweed-free, crystal-blue waters. Unlike most Caribbean waters, Eagle Beach has no coral reef or formations but is the habitat of several colorful tropical fish and crabs. Travel & Leisure also mentioned that the water stays still despite winds sweeping over the beach occasionally.

Marine life is a big deal on the island. Aruba has four species of protected sea turtles that lay their eggs on Eagle Beach. Their nesting and hatching period is annually between May and September. Their large nesting zones are usually marked off to protect them from tourists and locals.

The beach’s serene background is enhanced by its natural shrubbery that dots the shoreline. The Fofoti tree groves all over the beach are the perfect partner in an Instagram photo.

With its low branches, thick twisted trunks and dark waxy leaves reaching towards the ocean, the tree is a natural wonder. Aruba is one of the few islands where you will find perfect weather no matter the time of year. April to August will provide you with the best accommodation pricing, while they soar in January to March.

Aruba sits right outside the hurricane zone, so the danger of tropical storms is low. The infamous trade winds sweep through the islands, but it’s a favorite of surfers and parasailers.


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