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  • Published on October 26, 2023
  • Last Updated November 2, 2023
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Read DETOUR’s interview with singer, Vina Love.

If music is a universal language, who are the artists that speak most powerfully to our heart and soul? Whose music offers the perfect soundtrack to adventures we’ve experienced and those that await us. In DETOUR’s TuneDn, we connect with artists – from seasoned vets to up-and-coming talents – about where their work has taken them and where they’re headed, both literally and musically.

This time around, we’re chatting with “Harlem Princess,” Vina Love. The multitalented artist discusses how music and travel go hand-in-hand, essential spots when planning a visit to Harlem, and how being a “direct bloodline of hip-hop” by way of her father Kid Capri has shaped her musical journey.

Where are you from and how does your background inspire your music?

I am from Harlem, NY and being from here, style, heritage, and culture are what you’re being brought up around. As a musician and a performer, I’ve always been heavily influenced by it all, even down to our lingo. Our gritty way of living with my glamorous ways of thinking is why Vina Love is who she is. That perfect mixture of dinner and shopping downtown in Manhattan, and being on the block in Harlem with my friends with no care. So for my music, you’re gonna get the rough and pretty – just like the city.

Can you explain why music is important to travel?

Music is important when traveling because you’re literally focused on where you’re going and you need those tunes to drown out anything that isn’t on that path of your trip. You’re also setting the tone for the trip you’re going on. It relaxes you or excites you, but either way it’s setting you up for the vibes.

Do you feel music is a key factor in a person’s destination choice when planning a vacation?

Yes for sure! I know when I’m listening to Afrobeats or Amapiano, I instantly wish I was in Tanzania dancing with animals and my people carefree. When I hear Jazz, I immediately want to be in NOLA sitting at a cafe or in New York under a brownstone eating dinner. So I can imagine that some people hear a song and instantly want to feel that energy, so they go book a trip.

What places have you traveled so far, and where was your favorite destination?

I’ve traveled around the states, you know, to Georgia, Florida, California, Miami, Texas, Ohio, etc, but my favorite places I’ve ever been to are Caribbean islands, such as St. Thomas, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and Barbados. I love Jamaica entirely too much, so it definitely takes the cake as my favorite destination.

Vina Love on vacation. (Credit: Vina Love)

Where are some must-go-to places in your hometown?

I feel like one of the best things to do in my hometown is eat. You can literally get every culture’s food In New York. We have too many restaurants to choose from, so I’d say eat anywhere uptown in Harlem; head to Little Italy, Chinatown, Williamsburg, Spanish Harlem and get some food!

What’s your favorite go-to item to travel with? Any must-haves you need to bring?

My favorite go-to item when traveling is 100 percent headphones. I need the music. Another must-have while traveling is my blanket. That is number two on the list. With those things, and my hygiene bag, I can take over the world.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I would describe my music as fun, honest, and to the point. I like to make people feel, think and move. That’s my goal no matter the topic.

What is your creative process like?

It honestly varies depending on what we’re creating. You never really know how it’s gonna start and it isn’t always the same thinking [or] the same feeling when you’re creating. Sometimes I have a song in my head and we can create the music around it or I’ll have the music and write to the beat, or my production team and I just say screw it and make everything from scratch so, it varies.

Your father, Kid Capri, is a legendary figure in the hip-hop industry. How has growing up around his influence and in the hip-hop culture shaped your musical journey and style?

Growing up around his influence and hip-hop culture as a whole taught me really early that if you really want it, go get it. If you’re gonna go get it, do it with grace and style, and never turn your back on what you believe. Stand on them 10 toes about your dreams every time. Those thoughts built a certain kind of confidence in me that I’m able to let shine when I walk into a room or when I get on a track. I watched Kid Capri do what needed to be done my whole life. I’m a direct bloodline of hip-hop, and I’m shaped [by it] without even thinking about it.

Vina Love and her father, Kid Capri, at Tuesday Detentions In NYC hosted by DJ BOBBY Trends. (Credit: J.T. Photography)

“Growing Up Hip Hop” has provided viewers with an inside look at the lives of hip-hop royalty. Could you share some memorable experiences or lessons you gained from being  part of the show that have contributed to your growth as an artist and as an individual?

I definitely learned to be more discreet. Anything can be used against you at any moment. Be open, but know when to throw that guard up. I also learned to keep people focused on what you’re really working hard on. It’s easy to distract people especially with drama, which can lead to insecurities about your work “not being good enough” when that’s not true. The audience is just so focused on what you may have put out that has nothing to do with your music. I learned to be intentional about my actions and words.

What is your favorite song to perform?

That’s too hard of a question; I love performing all of them! I would have to say “N.F.S.”

What is new for you, music wise?

I’ve recently released my new single “Around You” on all platforms with the visual, so I am truly excited for everyone to get into this new vibe.

Vina Love in promotion for “Around You.” (Credit: Tyrel Brown)

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I could change anything about the industry I would change how uninformed a lot of artists are to the business aspect of what we do and how much the execs keep the artists away from knowing about their business as much as they can.

What’s next for you?

For the rest of the fourth quarter (the end of the year), I’m releasing singles and videos just having fun and creating relevancy, gearing up for [my mixtape] “The Hood Marilyn Monroe” and [my album] “Love Tour,” set to release next year.

Where can we watch your new video and listen to your latest music?

On all streaming platforms, you can catch my videos on YouTube and Worldstar. Follow me on IG @vinalove.

Frances Handy (aka Franie M) is a music marketing and public relations specialist from Staten Island, New York. Music has always been a major influence since interning at Roc Nation, where she assisted on numerous artist marketing projects, brand activations, and PR campaigns. After achieving her BA in Business and Marketing Communication at Berkeley College, she founded public relation and artist branding agency, CGM Publicity.

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