TuneDn: Shani Kulture is a lover of culture

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  • Published on November 9, 2022
  • Last Updated December 22, 2022

Meet Trinidadian radio personality, Shani Kulture, as he lists music, food, and fashion as key parts of culture at the New Orleans International Arts Festival.

“Any time you see me, you know culture is present!” Shani Kulture said backstage at the International Arts Festival in New Orleans, where the Trinidadian artist was set to launch a debut performance for 2022.

In conversations with DETOUR, it became clear that there is much more to the statement than an obvious pun on the artist’s stage name: Shani Kulture is indeed a lover of culture.

“Our music, our clothes, our language — all things combined make a culture,” he explained. “And, when I’m going to see a culture, I want to hear what music they are listening to, what food they’re eating and their vibe.”

Play the video to see how the International Arts Festival in New Orleans celebrated Caribbean culture and catch Shani Kulture’s recommendations for your next trip to Trinidad.


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