TuneDn: Demi Grace on travel, gratitude and spirituality

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  • Published on November 7, 2022
  • Last Updated December 22, 2022

Meet Nigerian model and recording artist Demi Grace, as she talks travel, music, spirituality, and wanting to be a Russian spy.

When Demi Grace is asked about music from home, the first word she says is harmony.

“When you really immerse yourself in traditional Nigerian harmonies, they will make you feel something,” the model and recording artist explained to Detour at New York’s iconic Cult Lab.

Grace herself has learned a lot through music and travel — mostly about self-discovery and what goals she wants to set in the future.

“Gratitude,” she explained, has revealed itself a key takeaway from her travels so far. “You learn what you are actually grateful for in your life.”

She also recalled the trip to Jamaica, a country that is both “a masterpiece and a work in progress” in her eyes.

Watch the video to experience how Grace relates to her own definition of Jamaica and what she hopes to learn while traveling. Get inspired to travel and find yourself — alongside Detour.


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