TuneDn: David “Dread” Hinds recalls his most memorable performance

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  • Published on November 3, 2022
  • Last Updated December 29, 2022

Meet David Hinds, founding guitarist and lead singer of legendary roots reggae group Steel Pulse, at the International Arts Festival in New Orleans.

David “Dread” Hinds remembers each time he performed in a new country.

“First time in Australia, Hawaii, the United States, Nigeria and others,” The founding member of Street Pulse told Detour at IAF 2022 in New Orleans, where music and celebration was back after a Covid-related hiatus. “When it’s the first time, it automatically sticks in my mind.”

Yet, there was one concert, back in 1993, on the Island of New Caledonia, that still stands out in Hinds’ memories.

Check the video to see why the concert is special to Dread Hinds, discover what’s the one thing he needs more than his regular clothes while on tour and catch his very special performance backstage in New Orleans – with Detour.


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