TuneDn: Alexey Marti declares his love for music

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  • Published on November 3, 2022
  • Last Updated December 22, 2022

Meet Cuban drummer and percussionist Alexey Marti, as he discusses music, art, travel, and Cuba, at the New Orleans International Arts Festival.

Composer and songwriter Alexey Marti does not limit his playlist.

“Jazz, African music, classical music,” he recounted to Detour backstage at IAF 2022 in New Orleans, where music and celebration was back after a Covid-related hiatus. “Music is an extension of my body and soul.”

Marti also said he had been playing music since he was seven years old. What prompted him to keep creating ever since? Watch the video to find out and make sure to catch Alexey Marti’s top travel recommendations in his native Havana, Cuba.


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