Three trips to help mothers and daughters bond

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  • Published on August 11, 2022
  • Last Updated March 10, 2023
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Mother-daughter trips for all types: health and wellness aficionados, wine-lovers and the ultra-chic.

Modern families live farther apart than ever before, and the quality of digital communication cannot be replaced by real-life experiences. A mother-daughter bond that stands the tests of time and distance can be forged and fostered by family getaways designed to indulge the luxuries of the body, mind and senses. These ideal destinations offer opportunities to relax, unwind and enjoy in the company of one of the most important women in your life.

Sedona, Arizona

Stunning red-rock mesas and spunky desert cactuses define the landscape of the mystical and restorative wellness destination. There are endless scenic routes, hiking paths and even widely recognized portals of energy called vortexes to be discovered in the backcountry. At the Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village, art galleries, jewelers and specialty shops offer their wares in a quaint setting designed after a traditional Mexican village. Programming in the area includes things like flamenco dance, guided introductions to local fauna and holiday celebrations for occasions like Dia de los Muertos. Sedona is considered a mind, body, spirit destination due to its abundance of spas, health food options and guided spiritual practices.

Wine Country — Chile

A mother-daughter tour of Chile’s expansive wine country can double as enotourism and ecotourism in one, where there’s a regional commitment to sustainability that rivals any other country in the industry. Touring through the country’s numerous vineyards can be done affordably with packages in the $100 range readily available. Ride gondolas over rolling hills full of fecund stems, feed llamas from the palm of your hand, and most importantly, savor the flavors cultivated from the countryside.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For chic pairs looking to pamper themselves and experience the best of what life has to offer, Dubai is the ultimate travel destination. Mother-daughter duos can design their own signature fragrance at Oo La Lab, take in cutting edge avant garde art at Al Serkal or hit the Mall of the Emirates for anything from spa treatments to retail therapy, fine dining and more. With an abundance of activities and a level of safety that makes female friendly travel a breeze, the world’s most metropolitan city is perfect for the debonair mother-daughter pair.

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