This travel loyalty program is free to join and gets you perks at 5,100 hotels

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  • Published on May 5, 2023
  • Last Updated June 8, 2023
  • In Passport

Accor Live Limitless is one of the best hotel loyalty programs, allowing travelers to earn perks depending on the number of stays or euros spent.

Travel perks and loyalty programs can significantly impact your travel experience. Most airlines have credit cards with airline and hospitality perks, and many hotel chains ensure members are well taken care of whenever they book their stay. Creating an account and accumulating points can make any trip worthwhile. One of the most robust loyalty programs is associated with Accor.

Accor is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world. Its impressive roster has about 5,100 properties across 45 distinct brands in more than 100 countries. According to Travel + Leisure, the French company has a hotel for every budget and lifestyle. All of Accor’s properties are included in the company’s loyalty program, from the high-end Fairmont Hotels & Resorts to the budget-oriented Ibis Hotels.

Accor was launched as a hotel company in the 1960s. As the brand grew, its loyalty program evolved into the “Accor Live Limitless,” or ALL. The Fairmont Château Lake Louise, Sofitel Le Scribe Paris Opéra, and Raffles Dubai are just a few of the Accor properties where members can redeem points.

In an interview with Travel + Leisure, Mehdi Hemici, Accor’s chief loyalty and e-commerce officer, expressed that the more a traveler engages with ALL, the more benefits they’ll receive.

“ALL is a simple, flexible, and transparent way for our members to earn and burn points,” Hemici said.

Travel perks can be racked up in different ways, including hotel stays and shopping with any brands in partnership with Accor. These points can lead to perks like suite upgrades and free five-star dinners.

Similar to most hotel perk programs, Accor Live Limitless members can earn points for each stay at a participating property. However, what makes the program different is you earn points on how much you spend in euros, not dollars. Points are gained based on each €10 spent.

The outlet included a handy tool to calculate the points you can earn during your stay. The point status is determined by elite status tier, hotel brand, and room cost. Elite status members can earn up to 44 points per €10 spent.

Travel + Leisure provided a breakdown of each tier and its corresponding benefits.

Classic: No nights or spending required. You’ll receive this status as soon as you sign up. Classic members receive:

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Exclusive offers

  • Partner benefits

Silver: 10 nights or €800 spent. As a Silver member, you’ll receive all of the benefits of the Classic tier plus:

  • A welcome drink

  • Priority welcome

  • Late checkout

Gold: 30 nights or €2,800 spent. Gold members receive all of the benefits of the lower tiers in addition to the following:

  • Guaranteed room availability

  • Space-available room upgrade

  • Early check-in or late checkout

Platinum: 60 nights or €5,600 spent. As a Platinum elite-status holder, you’ll receive all of the previously listed benefits plus:

  • Suite upgrades

  • Access to the executive lounge

  • Premium Wi-Fi

Diamond: €10,400 spent. Diamond is ALL’s highest elite status tier. You only can reach this status through euros spent. This tier receives each of the lower tiers’ benefits in addition to:

  • Free breakfast on weekends

  • Four €25 dining and spa rewards

  • Ability to gift Gold status to a person of your choice

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