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  • Published on January 23, 2024
  • Last Updated January 29, 2024
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Writer and entrepreneur Jasmine Browley ushered in 2024 at luxury hotel, The Elser, to self-restore instead of solely focusing on goal-setting. Here's why she thinks you should do the same.

Growing up, my mom would often say “You have to go sit down and get your mind right sometimes.” Now that I’m an adult, this adage holds so much more weight than I could’ve ever imagined. After an incredibly riveting few years, I have realized that no amount of planning, plotting or wishing can replace the regenerative power of just good old fashioned rest.

Jasmine Browley gave DETOUR a look into her micro-sabbatical at The Elser Hotel in Miami. (Credit: Jasmine Browley)

This revelation comes at an interesting time, when most of us are planner and vision board ready, poised to take on the rest of the year armed with carefully crafted goals. Sometimes, though, a break from it all is the best way to tackle your biggest dreams. Research has suggested that when prioritized, rest has an immensely powerful effect on productivity, creativity and goal achievement. 

Fortunately, I was afforded the chance to test that theory, in style.

I had the opportunity to ring in the new year at The Elser, a luxury hotel located in the heart of downtown Miami. Although it is centrally nestled in the bustling metropolis, it offers the same “getaway” feel as that of an isolated oasis. Here’s how I used my two-day micro-sabbatical to recharge for the new year. 

The Elser, a hotel in Miami, combines luxury and wellness. (Credit: The Elser)

The Room 

There’s no better place to let your hair down than in the comfort of your home…or a hotel that provides all the creature comforts of home. 

My studio apartment-esque 769 square foot suite included a full kitchen, hybrid dining and living space, and a cushy bedroom separated with clean lines that didn’t distract from the flow of the space. The apartment was decked out with other amenities including a washer and dryer, state-of-the-art smart TV, high speed internet, and…wait for it…a projector! I took full advantage to binge Netflix in an elevated way.  

Perhaps the biggest highlights were the floor-to-ceiling windows and unobstructed bay views accessible via the spacious walkout balcony.

The hybrid dining, living and kitchen spaces in a one bedroom suite at The Elser. The floor-to-ceiling windows give guests a stunning view of the ocean below. (Credit: The Elser)

Outdoor Connection

The Elser wouldn’t be a Miami hotel without a pool. Make no mistake, though, this one stands out in the crowd. The 132-foot-long rooftop wraparound pool gave me the opportunity to soak up some rays thanks to the many daybeds and chaise lounges available. 

A pool is a must-have amenity at a Miami hotel and The Elser’s 132 footlong rooftop pool is a perfect location to soak up the Florida sun. (Credit: The Elser)

Nearby is an event lawn and yoga deck, which houses the regular complimentary classes for guests. You heard me right: free YOGA!  The Elser also has partnered with Treetop Trekking Miami, the region’s first and only aerial adventure park, to offer guests the opportunity to navigate cable crossings via ziplining.

Yogis can get their fix with complimentary yoga classes on The Elser’s yoga deck. (Credit: The Elser)



Another key offering that struck me was the partnership with Pinecrest Physical Therapy which enables downtown residents and guests to receive personalized treatments to improve mobility. Services offered include physical therapy, personal training, group personal training, dry needling, cupping, Normatec and Game Ready, both of which use compression (Game Ready also uses cold therapy) to reduce swelling, alleviate pain and accelerate the healing process.

The Elser’s green lawn oversees gorgeous views of downtown Miami. (Credit: The Elser)

All of the above enabled me to wipe my mental slate clean, if only for a few days, and prepared me for the ambition that awaited me at home. Like many of us, the dogged pursuit of success is important to me, but radical resting is too. I highly encourage you to invest in your respite as much as hustle.



Jasmine Browley is the current Business Editor for Essence Magazine and is responsible for penning stories at the intersection of the workplace and Black culture.

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This article was corrected on January 25, 2024 to clarify that The Elser is not Black-owned. The hotel’s partner, The Gabriel, is.


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