Quick Detour: Turn your home into an ode to ancestors with Black Home

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  • Published on December 2, 2022
  • Last Updated December 22, 2022

Neffi Walker of The Black Home in Newark, New Jersey, speaks to the importance of interior design in the Black cultural experience.

Interior designer Neffi Walker weaves Black ancestry into each home she designs.

“With Black Home, you are getting a cultural experience,” she explained to DETOUR as we sat down with her in Newark, New Jersey. “It is an ode to the ancestors.”

Black Home creates designs that are saturated with Blackness, even when introducing different color palettes. For Walker, a home is a space of pride and history.

That sort of pride is not limited to owning African art, Walker added. Even tiny details, like fabrics or the way furniture is made can be a symbol of Black culture.

“It’s very important to showcase our culture in the spaces we are in,” Walker said, summing up the vision behind Black home.

Click on the video now to hear more tips on home design from Neffi Walker. Remember to stay proud, bold, and true to yourself – with DETOUR.


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