Documentary: Searching for Daniel Robinson

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  • Published on June 20, 2023
  • In Originals

On June 23, 2021, Daniel Robinson, a 24-year-old geologist, went missing in the Sonoran desert. His father, a U.S. army veteran who survived two tours in Afghanistan desert, has been searching ever since. This is their story.

This one of several articles in a series about Daniel Robinson and missing persons in U.S. To learn more, read the Publisher’s Note.

This story was produced by the following team members from the Lost in Buckeye investigation:

Taylor Schmitt, Video Producer
Taylor Schmitt has spent the last few years developing skills in digital journalism and video production. She began her career with Chicago Today for WMAQ, then she worked for EU Reporter in Brussels for a few months before transitioning to New York to work for Weekend Today at NBC. She is currently finishing her degrees at the University of Missouri and is excited to take the next steps of her journey!

Rylee Fels, Video Editor
Rylee Fels is originally from Carlsbad, CA. During her time at The University of Missouri, she studied broadcast journalism and minored in business. Rylee is passionate about using storytelling to create engaging and informative content. Whether it’s through writing, filming, or editing, she is dedicated to bringing stories to life in a creative and compelling way.

Lucy Caile, Video producer
Lucy Caile graduated from the University of Missouri in May 2023. She studied broadcast journalism and worked as a reporter for the NBC affiliate KOMU 8 News for two years. Lucy will continue working as a TV news reporter at WCAX in Burlington, Vermont starting in June. When not reporting, Lucy enjoys running, hiking and just being outdoors.


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