It’s Complicated: Cuban Hip Hop

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  • Published on June 20, 2023
  • In Videos

In DETOUR's multi-series podcast Gina Arias explores Cuba's vibrant hip-hop scene.

Play the full series back to back or check out our episode guide below.

1. Political Influences

Journey with us to Cuba to connect with hip hop artists and how their lives and music are affected by the political and social conditions.

2. Women MCs Striding Through the Male-Dominated Culture of Cuban Hip Hop

In Part 2 of our series on Cuban hip hop, we hear from two women MCs making their own lane in this male-dominated culture. Listen to this podcast interview of female artists in the Cuban hip hop scene and the struggles they face to be recognized.

3. The Cuban Rap Agency and a History of Cuban hip-hop

In the third installment of DETOUR’s series on Cuban hip hop, Gina Arias speaks with the Director of the Cuban Rap Agency and learns what challenges come with running a state institution dedicated solely to rap music.

4. Meet An Icon of Havana and Cuban Hip-Hop

In the fourth episode she speaks with the the old-school icon of the genre, whose roots are in the MC, graffiti, and b-boy scenes of the Cuban capital, Havana.

5. What are The Challenges of Cuban Hip-Hop?

In the final installment of DETOUR’s series on Cuban hip hop, Gina Arias speaks with a prominent DJ who breaks down the challenges inherent in creating this art form in Cuba.


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