Hot off the grill: 5 delicious locations A&E’s new series ‘Kings of BBQ’ should visit

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  • Published on March 10, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
  • In Places

A&E Network announced a new series following Cedric The Entertainer and Anthony Anderson as they build their BBQ brand, AC Barbecue.

A&E Network just announced their new original programming lineup, and included was a ten-episode unscripted series titled, “Kings of BBQ.”

The show will follow Emmy-nominated actor and producer Anthony Anderson and renowned actor, producer, and comedian Cedric The Entertainer as they take their love of barbeque to the next level and work together to start their own barbeque empire, AC Barbeque. The two friends will head out on a culinary adventure to discover the best techniques, flavors, and traditions for mouthwatering barbeque across America. Per a news release from the network, A&E also revealed the hosts will travel across America, learning everything they can to enhance their knowledge of the culinary art form.

“Follow Cedric and Anthony as they meet with barbeque chefs, pitmasters and everyday experts who share their knowledge and secrets of the trade, highlighting Black Excellence in the industry along the way,” the network said. “From backyards to BBQ pits, the duo will go behind the scenes to master barbeque in all its glory and create a business that honors its legacy and flavors. Along the way, celebrity friends and family will join in on the fun and help share how different cultures and experiences have influenced the delicious cooking technique.”

A&E did not announce the pit masters the duo will visit, but here are a few delicious options.

Bar-B-Q King (Charlotte, NC)

For more than 60 years, the Bar-B-Q King has been serving up fried chicken, fish and its signature onion rings. The drive-in restaurant was even featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.”

Tank House BBQ & Bar (Sacramento, CA)

Tank House was a reliable source of excellent ‘cue and craft cocktails throughout the pandemic. Meats are smoked in a busy outdoor smoker on the side patio. Other than its succulent smoked offerings, Tank House is also known for its dirty tots: tater tots topped with pulled pork and smothered in barbeque and cheese sauces. When you order brisket, they give you a choice: lean, fatty or half and half. Now that’s my kind of barbecue joint.

Park Avenue BBQ Grille (Miami, FL)

Park Avenue BBQ Grille has served mountains of slow-cooked barbecue pork, chicken, ribs and more for over 30 years. Try your meat of choice on a platter with two homestyle sides, or even piled high on top of a seasonal salad. Don’t forget to order the fried pickles.

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque (Kansas City, MO)

Famously decreed “the single best restaurant in the world,” the Brooklyn Avenue dining room is a time capsule of Formica table tops, framed newspaper clippings, and greasy floor tiles. Once famous for burnt ends, Bryant’s best meal is now its lean brisket sandwich, served on soft white bread and topped with AB’s distinctive brick-red, vinegar-bright sauce.

Angelo’s BBQ (Austin, TX)

This Fort Worth staple goes back to 1958. The brisket and ribs are plenty popular, but don’t miss unique menu items like smoked salami and pork loin. Angelo’s is about the only place in Texas where you can get your barbecue sandwich on rye bread, and mustard is a standard condiment along with pickles, onions, and barbecue sauce.


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