From Barbados to NYC: In Times Square with Detour’s Corner Concierge

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  • Published on October 21, 2022
  • Last Updated December 22, 2022

Tibby D talked to a mother-daughter duo in Times Square about their home in Barbados and got tips to visit beaches, Harrison’s cave and the local harvest festival.

“What’s Barbados like?”

This was the first question comedian and DETOUR’s concierge, Tibby D had for a mother-daughter duo he met and interviewed in New York’s Times Square.

Not surprisingly, it’s nothing like New York! The island nation of Barbados boasts 60 miles of coastline and clear, clear water where you can see your own reflection.

But the wonders of Barbados are not limited to beaches and surfing, both mother and daughter asserted. They invited Tibby D to go cave exploring and visit the local Crop Over festival – the vibrant, colorful celebration of the sugar cane harvest season.

Watch the video below to find must-visit places in Barbados and learn what’s the best season to travel to the island.

And if And if you’re in New York, keep your eyes peeled for Tibby D and make sure to say hi to DETOUR!


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