For $30,000 you can call this luxury cruise ship your home for a year

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  • Published on March 16, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
  • In Culture

A stateroom on this luxury cruise ship costs less than a NY apartment per month. See the world on the MV Gemini.

Leave your land life behind and book a room with Miray International for a three-year cruise. The cruise line announced their new Life At Sea Cruises at the beginning of this month.

The new cruise offer is a three-year voyage aboard their luxury MV Gemini Ship. Cruisers will gain their sea legs visiting seven continents, 135 countries and 375 ports. The price of the cruise starts at $90,000 and goes up to $330,000 based on accommodations. Including amenities, accommodations and meals, the basic package with a standard interior room is around $30,000 per year. With the cruise line’s monthly payment options, the $2,500 per month price tag is cheaper than rent in most metropolitan cities.

The MV Geminican accommodate up to 1,074 passengers within its 400 cabins. Standard rooms range from 130 square feet for interior staterooms and up to 260 square feet for balcony suites. All rooms include a double bed, a bathroom, and a desk. Balcony suites come equipped with an additional living room area. The included amenities and accommodations on the cruise are enough to make you terminate any lease.

Pricing includes all meals, drinks (both alcoholic and nonalcoholic), laundry, Wi-Fi, gratuities, housekeeping, and port fees. If this is a three-year working vacation for you, they have that covered too. The ship offers a remarkable business center with 14 offices, various meeting rooms, a lounge, and a business library.

“Professionals need connectivity, the right amenities and the functionality to perform their jobs. There is no other cruise product that offers this sort of flexibility to their customers,” Life at Sea Cruises’ managing director, Mikael Petterson told PEOPLE.

The floating city also takes health and wellness into consideration. It has an auditorium, a wellness center, a dentist, a fully-operating pharmacy, vet, and a 24-hour on-call hospital that provides free medical visits. The dining options are endless, as well, including formal sit-down dinners and 24-hour casual options.

The cruise will set sail on November 1, 2023, departing from Istanbul, Turkey. The lengthy voyage will dock in Barcelona and Miami. The MV Gemini will take travelers to South America, Antarctica, the Caribbean, Central America, the United States (including California, Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska), Northern Asia, the South Pacific, Australia, countries on the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, Southern and Western Africa, and coastal Europe.


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