Disney reveals plans for an ‘Encanto’-inspired vacation to Colombia in 2024

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  • Published on May 8, 2023
  • Last Updated June 8, 2023
  • In Culture

To see the real-life landscapes that served as inspiration for the Disney film “Encanto,” Disney is encouraging folks to “set-jet” to Colombia.

Disney has officially revealed three new 2024Adventures by Disney itineraries, one of which is a trip toColombia themed after the renowned Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Encanto.” Travelers on this “set-jetting” excursion will get the chance to see Colombia’s breathtaking natural scenery, while immersing themselves in the vibrant local culture that served as the film’s inspiration.

There will be guided tours of Bogota, a visit to a coffee farm, an arepa-making session, a visit to lively Cartagena, dry-forest trekking, and snorkeling throughout the beautiful Rosario Islands nearby, all packed into the trip’s eight days and seven nights. Guests on the first Adventures byDisney season in Colombia will also receive a signed lithograph of “Encanto” concept art.

Travel + Leisure notes that Byron Howard and Jared Bush, the directors of “Encanto,” said in a statement that they always hoped the film would be able to honor just a few of the many diverse people and cultures they encountered while in Colombia.

“We are thrilled and touched that so many people have felt seen by the Madrigals’ story and now have this opportunity to experience its magic for themselves,” Howard and Bush added.

Chantel Pevey, who oversaw designing the itinerary, traveled to Colombia to develop the ideal voyage that would fully acquaint families with both Colombia as a whole and the “Encanto” world.

“When we see inside the character Antonio’s room, we glimpse amazing wildlife and tropical plants that were inspired by the second most biodiverse country in the world – some of which guests might be lucky to spot during their adventure,” Pevey told the outlet. “The Madrigal family home is a detailed representation of the colorful architecture that guests will find in the Coffee Region and Cartagena. And the rhythms that inspired a soundtrack which kept people singing along – guests might just find themselves wanting to dance as they wander the cobbled streets of a Colombian town! We hope fans of the film ‘Encanto’ are inspired to ‘set-jet’ to Colombia and see just how magical a place it truly is.”

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