DETOUR Affirmations: “Take risks”

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  • Published on October 13, 2022
  • Last Updated June 23, 2023
  • In Videos

Cathleen shares a daily affirmation regarding taking risks and keeping faith and trust.

“Have you ever read a great success story where the main character did not take a risk?” Cathleen Trigg-Jones asks off the bat as she sets tone for DETOUR’s latest affirmation.

As the founder of iWoman TV, a storytelling platform championing gender parity, Trigg-Jones knows firsthand that success comes after challenges – if you’re willing to step up for them.

Of course it can be scary, but, if you think of it, what isn’t? Trigg-Jones muses in the streets of New York before she actually challenges you: “Repeat after me…”

Find the rest of the affirmation in the video below and remind yourself to take a risk and face the world fearlessly today!

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