Celebrate the influence of Atlanta this weekend with ’404 Day’ festivities

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  • Published on March 31, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
  • In Culture

The culture of the 404 spans nationwide. This weekend, the city pays homage to what makes the area code great at the annual 404 Day celebration.

April 4, or 404 Day, “fo-oh-fo day,” is a national holiday in Atlanta. It marks the celebration of the city’s popular area code “404” and everything that originated from it.

The celebration of the city began in 2020, according toAtlanta Capital B News. The ATL festivities are a collaboration between creative brand agency Atlanta Influences Everything and media group Butter.ATL.

The outlet shared that 404 Day “honors and recognizes Black Atlanta’s global influence.”

Bem Joiner, the co-founder of Atlanta Influences Everything, said the celebration honors everything you think of when you “think of Atlanta.”

“You think of Black everything,” Joiner said. “404 Day is a day where we celebrate what it means to be Black in Atlanta every day.”

This year’s events will kick off Saturday, April 2, and will include everything great about the 404 – food, music, fun, and culture. Events throughout the weekend include musical performances, sporting events and block parties. Attendees may also run into some celebrities, as some of the biggest entertainers in the world are natives of the 404.

One of the most important goals of the weekend is the community giveback events, including awarding an HBCU scholarship to the Atlanta University Center.

All across the nation, Atlanta’s influence is evident in food, music, clothing and even popularized slang words. If you’re thinking of heading to Atlanta to pay homage to the 404, here are some events you can check out.

404 Day Celebrity + Influencer Softball Game

“Down for a good ol’ fashioned competition? We got you covered. Be sure to check out this event at the iconic Hank Aaron Field in east Atlanta. Not to mention, all proceeds will be donated to a local Atlanta charity.” – Atlanta.CapitalBNews.org

When: Sunday, April 2, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

404 Day Community Giveback

“Join Capital B Atlanta at this free community-centered event that aims to provide meals for families in need throughout the city of Atlanta. Registered participants will be able to receive one free meal per vehicle.” – Atlanta.CapitalBNews.org

When: Monday, April 3, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

404 Day Culture Capital Panel

“Atlanta’s culture is recognized on a global level, so let’s talk about it. Check out this free panel featuring prominent local voices including Angela Watts, Darius Billings, and Issac Hayes III discussing how the city’s impact has shaped the world.” – Atlanta.CapitalBNews.org

When: Tuesday, April 4, 2 p.m.

404 Day Scholarship Block Party

“Now, it isn’t Atlanta unless there is a party on someone’s block! Be sure to come out and celebrate the city’s culture with local food vendors, Black-owned businesses, and activities for all ages. All proceeds from the day will be part of a scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors planning to attend HBCUs inside the Atlanta University Center Consortium.” – Atlanta.CapitalBNews.org

When: Tuesday, April 4, 3-6 p.m.

404 Day Celebration With The Atlanta Braves

“Head out to The Battery Atlanta on April 4 for the 404 Day Festival. This is a FREE festival of fun and excitement celebrating this great city. Visit The Battery Atlanta Plaza starting at 4 p.m. to enjoy activities and entertainment provided by numerous iconic Atlanta institutions. The live entertainment then continues into the evening with a Braves Watch Party. Enjoy the atmosphere of The Battery Atlanta and watch the Braves face the St. Louis Cardinals live on the Georgia Power Pavilion stage. Game time is 7:45 p.m.” – MLB.com/Braves

When: Tuesday, April 4, 4-until p.m.

404 Day Celebration of 50 Years of Hip-Hop

“Save the debate! We know Atlanta sits atop the pyramid of Black hip-hop culture. And, in honor of the crown, it’s only right to end the 404 holiday with a night of music, dancing, and good vibes. With tunes from DJ Drama and DJ Genesis, and food and drinks, you don’t want to miss it!” – Atlanta.CapitalBNews.org

When: Tuesday, April 4, 8 p.m to midnight

For more information on 404 Day and all events visit Official404Day.com and Atlanta.CapitalBNews.org.


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