Brickell City Centre is the ultra-modern mecca of Miami and here’s why you should visit

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  • Published on December 11, 2023
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The Shops at Brickell City Centre, located in Miami, Florida, is a modern neighborhood’s go-to destination for food, entertainment, shopping, and culture.

If you’re planning a trip to Miami and want to relax in style while also experiencing the city’s vibrant nightlife, dining scene, and even enjoy a little retail therapy, there’s no better place than the brand-new, ultra-modern Brickell City Centre. I recently had the pleasure of spending valuable time with my entire family on a weekend getaway. The experience exceeded all expectations, and we are now planning our next visit!

Inside Brickell City Centre (Credit: QUINN PR)

The Shops at Brickell City Centre (BCC) is a gorgeous, cutting-edge community center that the renowned Swire Properties expertly designed. This premier location in Miami’s posh neighborhood is just a 15-minute drive to the airport and provides customers with a wide range of alluring options. This four-story shopping mecca is ideal for those seeking a diverse retail experience. From world-class dining establishments to nationally recognized brands, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy at The Shops at BCC.

Brickell City Centre at night (Credit: QUINN PR)

Popular stores, including Nike, Zara, Lululemon, Sephora, CMX Cinemas, and the venerable Saks Fifth Avenue, are all found inside BCC. The $1 billion, 4.9 million square foot project includes two residential towers, two mid-rise Class A business buildings and the beautifully designed and decorated EAST Miami hotel.

When we arrived, the family got together for a meal at The Henry, nestled on the corner of the Brickell City Centre. This restaurant spares no effort in its pursuit of customer satisfaction, with a cuisine that has been carefully prepared to appeal to a wide variety of palates. They take great delight in preparing outstanding cuisine, and they certainly delivered. We ordered various dishes ranging from Korean Prime Skirt Steak to Italian pastas and even the simple appetizers were cooked to perfection.

Going the extra mile, they consistently exceed expectations in their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to their clientele. The devoted team at The Henry ensures that your entire visit is outstanding from beginning to end. This is yet another exquisite upscale dining experience in the vicinity.

The EAST hotel at Brickell City Centre (Credit: QUINN PR)

We stayed at The EAST during our visit, and it was superb in every regard. Guests can expect nothing less than impeccable service around the clock and immaculate accommodations. Connected to popular areas like Wynwood, the Design District, and South Beach, the EAST is a significant component of Brickell City Centre.

We had a terrific family brunch at one of their two eateries, Quinto, and every dish we got from the menu was great. This is the EAST’s signature restaurant, and it is intimately nestled on the 5th floor, with views of Brickell City Centre and the Miami skyline. It is renowned for its distinctive open-fire parrilla and wood-fired oven.

The EAST hotel at Brickell City Centre (Credit: QUINN PR)

The restaurant serves wholesome flavors with the freshest catch in various dining settings and one of Miami’s most breathtaking, lush outdoor terraces. This genuine South American dining spot is unmatched in Brickell for its loyalty to its origins.

Puttshack, Blue Nile, Jo Malone London, Warby Parker, Sugarfina, Sunglass Hut, ZADIG & VOLTAIRE, Rhone, and SISU Spa have recently joined The Shops’ impressive list of tenants.

We spent part of the rainy afternoon at Puttshack, a high-end mini-golf experience that welcomes players of all ages (including toddlers). Their innovative in-game technology has taken indoor mini-golf to a whole new level. The vibe is amazing, the music is good, and they serve a wide variety of delicious meals from around the world and offer an extensive drink menu. This is also an excellent choice if you’re searching for an entertaining and unique date night. The manager is a cool dude who is very attentive. He created some powerful but sophisticated and tasteful drinks! In my opinion, they probably have the best Pain Killer in town and offer excellent service in general.

After a round of mini golf, we strolled around the mall and made stops at NINI and LOLI to pick up some goodies for the kids. This store is a shopper’s paradise for expectant mothers! They have only the highest-quality baby products, designer strollers, the safest car seats, European highchairs, contemporary nursery & kids’ furniture, and room decor.

They had such a great selection of toddler items; my daughter chose a beautiful dress, some incredibly cute toys, and some children’s books as well.

amika Brickell City Centre Pop Up Event (Credit: amika)

We were wandering around when we came across a lively and entertaining pop-up shop, and since they were so kind and inviting, we went inside to check it out! The well-known haircare brand amika served as the event’s host. Their chemical-free, science-backed formulas are fueled by nourishing, naturally sourced elements resulting in noticeable benefits for all hair types.

We had a great time at the event, which was also educational. amika’s leading shampoo and conditioner collections were showcased in a multi-room experience that also featured a “cleanical lab” where attendees learned about the ingredients that go into making their products.

amika Brickell City Centre Pop Up Event (Credit: amika)

There were opportunities for photos, a plethora of free shampoo and conditioner, and prizes at the end. We put these samples through their paces after a day at the beach and pool, and we can attest that they are, hands down, among the top shampoos and conditioners we have ever used.

Brickell City Centre (Credit: QUINN PR)

BCC is the epitome of urban charm, and my first-hand encounter with Brickell left such an indelible impression, that I am now planning my next trip. I highly recommend that anyone visiting the area takes the time to explore this bustling shopping hub, as The Shops at Brickell City Centre are set to become a popular attraction.

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