Be in the know of the latest requirements for traveling to St. Lucia

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  • Published on March 6, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
  • In Passport

The island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean now requires all visitors to fill out an electronic form before they set foot on the island.

Beginning on Wednesday, vacationers to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia will be required to fill out a new electronic form in advance of their trip.

Submitting an itinerary and contact details within 72 hours after arrival is mandatory under the new Electronic Immigration Form. For this reason, the form also inquires as to whether the trip is for business, attendance at a convention, a wedding, or a social visit.

St. Lucia has lifted all COVID-19 entry limitations, but the new form still includes questions about the traveler’s health, such as whether or not they have had signs of a communicable disease or have come in contact with someone who has. According to Travel + Leisure, any intentional misrepresentation on this form will result in an XCD $1,000 (about $370) penalty.

On its website, St. Lucia’s tourism office advises visitors to submit the electronic form no later than three days before arrival. Visitors who fail to do so will be required to fill out and submit a paper copy in person at the airport.

“We have been listening to our nationals, visitors, and investors who are seeking seamless travel experiences backed by confidence in the management of the destination’s entry processes,” said Sean Alexander, assistant superintendent and head of St. Lucia’s Department of Immigration, in a statement provided to T+L.

“This is a unified approach, ensuring that our commitment to welcoming travelers is of a global standard,” Alexander continued.

The government’s website states that visitors only need to submit one form on behalf of their entire family or group, and that after doing so, they will receive an email receipt with a QR code they can show to the appropriate authorities when they arrive.

In order to speed up the arrival process for passengers, the island’s tourism department notes that the form can even be completed on an arriving flight with in-flight Wi-Fi.


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