Add this tiny town to your list of places to visit in Colorado

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  • Published on May 11, 2023
  • Last Updated June 8, 2023
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Although it’s small, Buena Vista is still a worthy representation of why Colorado is worth visiting.

When you think of Colorado, what city comes to mind? Chances are the state’s most popular and highly populated cities, such as Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Aspen, are top of mind. Although those cities are beloved for good reason and worth traveling to if you haven’t already, exploring a lesser-known destination is just as fulfilling. Enter: Buena Vista, CO.

If you’re yearning to break away from bigger cities, Buena Vista might make for the perfect refresh. Travel + Leisure notes that the small town, which is located approximately two hours outside of Denver, is worth visiting based on its charm alone. Much like other cities in the Centennial State, Buena Vista is a nature lover’s paradise. Astonishing mountains, valleys adorned with flourishing greenery, and flowing rivers are just a few reasons why visitors should spend their time outside.

When to go to Buena Vista, based on the seasons

Before you spend time among nature while in Buena Vista, be aware of the weather. Travel + Leisure cautions travelers that the temperatures in the town fluctuate throughout the year, due to its location in a drier region of Colorado. Summer lovers can visit Buena Vista anytime from early June to mid-September. WeatherSpark notes that during this time, the average temperature is 70°F. If you can’t stand the heat, travelers should be aware that July’s daily average temperatures increase to 79°F. Comparatively, winters in Buena Vista start in late November and last until March. Although the average temp during this time only climbs to 45°F, this is the optimal time of year to tap into the town’s winter activities.

What to do while in Buena Vista

Skiing in Colorado during the winter is a must, and Buena Vista is no exception. During the winter months, travelers have a fair share of options when it comes to potential slopes. Top spots include Monarch Mountain, Ski Cooper, and Tennessee Pass Nordic Center.

If mountains are of interest sans the skis, consider hiking. Travel + Leisure recommends hiking up Huron Peak via North Huron Trail, as it is highly rated on AllTrails. The 6.5-mile hike isn’t the easiest, but the stunning views are sure to be a motivator. If you’re looking for something that is less intense, here are some other options.

Extensive physical activity isn’t for everyone, but Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa provides another way to enjoy Buena Vista. As the name implies, travelers can utilize their time in a more remote area to unwind and relax. One of the more novel aspects of the spa is its public hot spring, where the water ranges anywhere from 94°F to 110°F.

Lodging options

The accommodations you choose for any vacation can be the perfect extension of your time at your destination. Here are three spots to consider if you’re convinced that your next getaway has to be in Buena Vista:

Good View Campground is ideal for travelers who want to be among nature during every moment of their stay. The campground has sites for car camping and tent camping by the river, both of which are available to be reserved for groups or individuals.

Surf Hotel’s European-inspired experience injects luxury into the tiny town of Buena Vista. Each room has a chic design, and the boutique hotel also has an in-house restaurant called Wesley & Rose.

The Inn is another boutique hotel that brings its own uniqueness to Buena Vista. The 13-room hotel is a refurbished building from the 1800s and still has the 100-year-old brick walls to prove it.

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