7 Travel tech gadgets for your next trip

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  • Published on April 25, 2023
  • Last Updated June 8, 2023
  • In Gift Guides

Travel smarter and easier with these travel tech items, from RFID protection to portable wifi hot spots.

Any millennial can tell you that the days before smartphones meant unbearably long travel times and little to distract from lengthy flights and delays. Technology now lets us binge-watch The Bachelor or play Candy Crush from anywhere, and what could be better than that? These seven travel tech items will make your travel plans easier than ever.


  • This RFID wallet is not only practical, but extremely chic, with seventeen color options to choose from. It resembles a fashionable clutch, but organizes your passport, up to seven cards, an ID, key, pen, travel tickets, your cell phone, and a little zipper pocket for change and things. It’s made of buttery faux leather with RFID-blocking tech to keep your information safe.

RFID wallet by ZOPPEN.
RFID wallet by ZOPPEN. Photo courtesy of ZOPPEN.

Travel Cord Roll

  • Tired of carrying around a mess of tangled chargers and cords? Keep them tidy with this cute and handy cord roll. It holds up to eight cords and has a little pouch on one end for anything from wall plugs to other odds and ends. The compact-size fits into your carry-on luggage, and comes in classic black and aqua (if you’re feeling festive).

Travel cord roll by Uncommon Goods.
Travel cord roll by Uncommon Goods. Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

GlocalMe Portable Hotspot

  • If you find yourself working during your travels, odds are you’ve found yourself stuck without internet access at a less-than-opportune time. You can avoid such tragedies in the future with this GlocalMe Hotspot Router, which has a 12-hour battery life. It’s roughly the size of an iPhone and has a user-friendly touchscreen display to keep track of your data usage, connected devices, signal strength, and more.

Portable hotspot by GlocalMe.
Portable hotspot by GlocalMe. Photo courtesy of GlocalMe.

Sony Noise Canceling Headphones

  • Between loud voices over PA speakers and train or plane engines, travel sounds are loud and overstimulating. Block it all out and take a quiet moment to yourself with these noise canceling headphones. Totally wireless with bluetooth technology, connect to your phone for some soothing tunes or to make a phone call back home. Touch controls allow you to easily adjust volume, change tracks and answer or hang up calls.

Noise-canceling headphones by Sony.
Noise-canceling headphones by Sony. Photo courtesy of Sony.

JOOMFEEM Travel Adapter

  • International travelers know that visiting many countries overseas requires an outlet adapter. This one comes with a power surge protector built-in, plus two USB plugs to charge small devices simultaneously. The adapter is compact, convenient, universal, and inexpensive—why not stock up on a handful?

Universal travel adapter by JOOMFEEM.
Universal travel adapter by JOOMFEEM. Photo courtesy of JOOMFEEM.

Nomad Backpack

  • This leather travel backpack is super sleek and spacious, large enough to fit a 16” laptop and then some. Beyond that, it has one major tech draw in the form of wireless charging in the front pocket, compatible with Apple and Android phones. You can even recharge the charger while it’s still in the backpack, which is super convenient when you’re on the move.

Nomad backpack by Bee and Kin.
Nomad backpack by Bee and Kin. Photo courtesy of Bee and Kin.

AirFly Bluetooth Adapter

  • This bluetooth adapter can connect your headphones to airplane television screens so that you can watch movies and shows while utilizing your own ear buds. It’s small and has volume control right on the device, and it has a 20+ hour battery life, outliving the longest of flights. An upgraded version of the device also includes an internal splitter for two pairs of headphones to connect simultaneously, if you’re traveling with a friend or loved one and want to catch up on your stories together.

    Bluetooth adapter by Twelve South.
    Bluetooth adapter by Twelve South. Photo courtesy of Twelve South.

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