7 Black travel influencers to follow this Spring 2023

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  • Published on April 6, 2023
  • Last Updated June 8, 2023
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Follow these up-and-coming travel influencers to inspire your own travels.

Spring weather is warming up and bringing with it perfect travel conditions. If you’re ready to shake off that relentless winter and enjoy what the world has to offer, there’s nothing like vacay envy to get you moving and out of the house. Become inspired by these jet-setting travel influencers’ dreamy trips in preparation for your own.


Travia | @irregular_wear

Slightly more fashion than travel, Travia boasts haute couture everywhere she goes. She rocks cute clunky earrings, vibrant fur tops, and zebra knee-high boots from the Virgin Islands to Mexico. She knows what the hot trends are, and she’s not afraid to share from anywhere.


Soul Traveling Sista | @soultravelingsista

This soul-traveling sista is all about inspiring you to nourish your inner self. Her photos are gorgeous and accompanied by wholesome personal stories and relatable anecdotes that place you in her shoes until you’re feeling ready to strap on your own and venture out into your next spiritual adventure.


Dev Walker | @walkwithdevwalker

Dev Walker is fearless, tackling skis and snowmobiles, swimming in the ocean, peering off of the edges of cliffs – she does it all. Most importantly, she knows where to find all of the best food and posts the proof. She’s your girl to follow if you’ve a heart (and stomach) for adventure.


Remofile Sekawana | @pretty_eyes_remo

Known for her pretty hazel eyes and baby face, Remofilwe Sekawana is one of the youngest travel go-getters we know of. She travels the African continent, from Tanzania to South Africa and beyond, sharing new travel stories daily.


Cindy | @foreign_fresh_fierce

Cindy either has an impressively dedicated photographer, or the world’s best selfie stick. These photos leave nothing to be desired. Her page is a rainbow of blue skies and oceans, lush green landscapes, and dramatic red and purple gowns in highly saturated hues. We want to be everywhere she is.


Maryjane | @zaynabx3

Maryjane is a seasoned country-hopper, seen in Barcelona, Malaysia, and most recently Marseille. She speaks an impressive six languages and always looks cute doing it. Follow for beautiful views of Europe.


Shay Blaché | @where_is_shay

Shay Blaché rides the line between travel influencer and beauty queen. She’s found in all corners of the world, from San Francisco to Curaçao (pictured), in gorgeous bright colors and patterns and with ever-changing tresses and makeup on point.

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Kayra Raecke is a proud brown queer Los Angeles-born neurodivergent with a predilection for syntax, mild cat obsession, and a collection of hobbies.

This story was originally published April 06, 2023 4:51 PM.