4 Black-owned barbershops that both Kevin Durant & Brittney Griner can go to in AZ

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  • Published on February 22, 2023
  • Last Updated May 15, 2023
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Brittney Griner and Kevin Durant head back to the court. Here are 4 barbershops for them to chose from.

NBA All-Star Weekend has finally come to an end and the season is getting ready to kick off its second half. As fans gear up for more basketball, one city will be a focal point. The Phoenix Suns made one of the biggest splashes by acquiring future Hall of Famer and NBA champion Kevin Durant. In addition to Durant, the city of Phoenix is also welcoming back WNBA Champion and Olympic Gold medalist, Brittney Griner. After being held unlawfully in Russia, Griner was seen back in Phoenix working on her game. She was on court, sporting a new look that was much different from her traditional long brown dreadlocks. Fans are anticipating the debut and return of both these basketball start.

With any transition to a new city or state, there comes some key items to mark off the checklist. One of the first stops for any Black man, woman or person sporting a particular look is the barbershop. Durant has received some criticism over his hair cuts, but I will not judge. I do support the work of some good clippers. As stated earlier Brittney’s new hairstyle definitely met the hands of a skilled barber.

With that said, I am here to help our brother and sister out. If they haven’t already picked a shop, here are a few Phoenix and Phoenix-area black owned barbershops to check out.

1. Rookie Fresh Barbershop 10540 West Indian School Rd. (Suite 3),Phoenix, AZ 85037

2. Josh Barber Lounge– 4415 S Rural Road Tempe, AZ 85282

3. Riley the Bar3r, LLC– 2017 E Cactus Rd., B, Phoenix, 85022

4. Ace of Fades Executive Barbershop – 3201 N 16th St.


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